The 17 Types Of Accommodation Worth Considering When You Travel

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Finding the right accommodation is one of the most challenging aspects of traveling. Sometimes all a person knows can only be the word hotel but actually there 10 kinds of lodging, each unique in its own way. Things to consider when choosing a hotel or vacation rental to stay in include your age, budget, destination, length of stay, purpose, noise tolerance level, type of travel companions, hotel location, amenities, and of course the reviews.

  1. Hotel
  2. The most traditional choice is to find a great hotel somewhere that offers the amenities you want at a price you can afford. At a hotel, you definitely have your own room and bathroom as well as maid service. You will usually have your bags carried to your room, fresh towels delivered, and your bed made up daily. Inside the room you will find a mini refrigerator, wet bar, cable tv, wireless internet, hair dryer, telephone, etc.

    For some, a hotel stay may be too pricey. You may also find that some hotels have thin walls separating rooms and corridors. Even if the walls are thick, without door closers, you will constantly hear doors slamming throughout your stay, day and night. Compared to homestays, hostels, b&B, and guest houses, the experience of a hotel stay is relatively impersonal. The security is tighter and socially conducive common areas are not common.

  3. Boutique Hotel
  4. A boutique hotel is a small stylish hotel with less than 100 rooms located in a swanky urban location. It’s usually one of a kind with decor of sleek materials and stark palettes with bold color splashes. It may also reflect the heritage of the location. The service provided is more personal than that of a standard hotel as it is small. The type of customers that boutique hotels attract are usually young and tech savvy with middle income averages.

    A typical boutique hotel is usually not affiliated with any franchise so you won’t gain any loyalty points. The restaurant is normally simple and small and can get crowded especially during peak hours. A boutique hotel is also not suitable for business travelers as most won’t have ballrooms or meeting spaces.

  5. Capsule Hotel
  6. A type of hotel that is found commonly in Japan that offers extremely small rooms with only basic amenities like communal washrooms, a locker for storing luggage, television and wireless internet. The biggest benefit of a capsule hotel is the price and convenience, usually around JPY 3000/night. They are mostly used by Japanese locals who are too drunk to return home safely or too embarrassed to face their spouse.

    Totally not the place to stay in for claustrophobics. For a fat person, it will feel like sleeping in a coffin. If you want to sleep with your lover, this is also not for you. It is also pretty inconvenient to have to store your belongings in a locker and if your luggage does not fit, it will have to be kept at the front desk. You may hit your head if you suddenly wake up. Moreover, there are usually a list of rules that the hotel expect guests to follow like leaving every day by 10am and not being able to check in again until 2pm.

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24 Airlines And Their Flight Attendants You Never Knew Were Smoking Hot

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  1. TAM Airlines
  2. Latin America’s largest airline headquartered in Sao Paolo, Brazil. If you live in North America, South America or Europe, you get the chance to experience the Brazilian airline’s hospitality when you fly with them. The stewardesses are dressed formal and elegant, especially the red trimmings adorning their royal blue uniforms along with their heels too.

  3. Norwegian Air Shuttle
  4. The second largest airline in Scandinavia with flight attendants who are professional, friendly, informative and always smiling.

  5. Air France
  6. Ahh… France.. where all the greatest designers come from. As a matter of fact, Air France’s flight attendant uniforms are created by none other than the one and only, Christian Lacroix. He wanted to go beyond designing a uniform to create an entire wardrobe with Air France: some one hundred individual items that can be combined in a multitude of ways, allowing each person to develop a distinctive wardrobe to suit his or her personality, morphology, culture and profession. The female employees have the most choices which include summer dresses, winter dresses, skirts, trousers, short jacket, long jackets, pull-over tops, button down tops, assorted belts, scarves, shoes, boots, etc. The rules of what pieces can be worn together is even more confusing.

  7. British Airways
  8. Julien McDonald’s British Airways uniform looks stylish, modern and is made out of high quality materials. Although to a certain extent, one may also say that the uniform has no discernible identity so it could actually be representing any number of airlines. Well, maybe it’s intentional.

  1. Cebu Pacific
  2. In late 2010, Cebu Pacific’s dancing flight attendants became a sensation after a YouTube video taken of them doing a dance number to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance and Katy Perry’s California Gurls went viral. The only gripe about Cebu Pacific is the mechanical ways that things are being done, like how announcements are all automated.

  3. TAP Portugal
  4. The uniform colour of bright green and striking red blend very well together, giving the flight attendants a fresh, provocative look. However, there have been feedback by passengers who frequently met not-so-friendly TAP cabin crews.

  5. Virgin Atlantic
  6. One of the sexiest in terms of costume design. Striking red, form fitting dress with skirt lines above the knee with a purple fade to white scarf to match. Although Virgin Atlantic flight attendants were voted the best looking by 1000 Britons in a recent poll by the Business Meeting and Travel Show, the scope of the survey was actually too narrow to come to a conclusion to say that Virgin Atlantic has the best looking cabin crews. Maybe among the 1000 Britons, yes, but definitely not the world over.

  7. Eva Air
  8. The flight attendants with their matching green outfits look really nice, and will usually speak to you in Taiwanese when serving you meals and refreshments (if you look like a typical Chinese). Most of their English is not bad either and you definitely won’t have a problem communicating with them. Also, you will find most of the time the cabin crew consist of all women under the age of 30, at least 5’7 in height with hair buns tucked to perfection and they all have fair complexions with porcelain skin tones. Cool thing is, Eva Air’s cabin crew passes out hand wipes to all passengers before each meal.

  9. JAL
  10. Japan Airlines flight attendants treat you like royalty. Like most quality airlines, hot towels are given to wipe your hands prior to any meal or snack, unlimited beverages, spirits, beer, and wine, and fun Japanese snacks and beverages left in bins for you to pick as you please, all supplied at the back of the aircraft. Just imagine your experience with JAL is simply a direct result of Japanese culture that is inviting, respectful, and hard working.

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