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9 Astonishing Pictures of The Rest Of The World

  1. Great Architects Are Born Here
  2. Leaning Building
  3. The ‘Lets-Pray-It-Doesn’t-Rain’ Building
  4. Feeling Dizzy?
  5. Stop Staring!
  6. The ‘Lets-Pray-There’s-No-Earthquake’ Buildings
  7. The Picnic Freak Owner
  8. The ‘Lets-Pray-There’s-No-Tsunami’ Buildings
  9. The ‘Lets-Pray-There’s-No-Tsunami-Or-Earthquake’ Building

4 replies on “9 Astonishing Pictures of The Rest Of The World”

Hmmm… Number one is one of many circular city plans, I believe this one was in Denmark. Number 2 is taken on an angle – the houses are straight and built along a street that goes uphill. The cars are parked on the street. Number 3 is a straight photoshop. Number 8 looks a lot like some places in Norway, but I suppose it could also be Switzerland. Not exactly tsunami areas. And number 9 is again a nice photoshop. (Stone doesn’t grow on a human built arch.)

Pretty pictures, but next time try to be more honest in your descriptions.

Third one down is Photoshopped, actually. The real picture is of a famous rock…guess someone thought it’d be amusing to ‘shop a building onto it.

number 6 is actually a movie set, for Star Wars Episode one, those where supposed to be slave quarters or somehing like that, anyway nice set og photos

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