Cool Designer Rest Pads

  • The Dream bag
  • drambag

    It looks like the flower Buddha sits on. Looks well padded all around.

  • A gigantic furniture lamp above the living room
  • A gigantic furniture lamp above the living room

    This picture was taken during the Stockholm furniture fair in February. The brown seats are elevated by a short steel pole. looks contemporary.

  • iPod Living Room
  • mdf italia

    mdf italia

    How living rooms would look like if Apple were to move into furniture business.

  • Huge bookshelf
  • mdf italia

    Huge but simple bookshelf in the living room. The colour of the furnitures fit well.

  • Red and white living room
  • haagen dazs

    The colour combination reminds me of Haagen Dazs.

  • Nice Seats
  • seats

    The roundedness of the seats makes it feel modern-like.

  • Jim Hannon-Tan’s fan-like chairs
  • jim hannon tan

    jim hannon tan

    Saves space when not in use. The flexibility of sitting face-in or facing the side caters to different number of guests.

Moco Loco
Modern Contemporary Design

MDF italia
Modern Italian designers

Stockholm Furniture Fair
Pictures from a visitor

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hi my sofas are in dark maroon leather and i got nice maroon shears to matched with it please advice me which colour to match with it to make it more brigther and modern look

sonia : dark maroon goes very well with black or white. This is because black gives out a sense of elegence and mystery while white represents cleanliness and positivity.

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