Cool Designer Rest Pads

  • The Dream bag
  • drambag

    It looks like the flower Buddha sits on. Looks well padded all around.

  • A gigantic furniture lamp above the living room
  • A gigantic furniture lamp above the living room

    This picture was taken during the Stockholm furniture fair in February. The brown seats are elevated by a short steel pole. looks contemporary.

  • iPod Living Room
  • mdf italia

    mdf italia

    How living rooms would look like if Apple were to move into furniture business.

  • Huge bookshelf
  • mdf italia

    Huge but simple bookshelf in the living room. The colour of the furnitures fit well.

  • Red and white living room
  • haagen dazs

    The colour combination reminds me of Haagen Dazs.

  • Nice Seats
  • seats

    The roundedness of the seats makes it feel modern-like.

  • Jim Hannon-Tan’s fan-like chairs
  • jim hannon tan

    jim hannon tan

    Saves space when not in use. The flexibility of sitting face-in or facing the side caters to different number of guests.

Moco Loco
Modern Contemporary Design

MDF italia
Modern Italian designers

Stockholm Furniture Fair
Pictures from a visitor


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Wind Shaped Architecture

Imagine a building where occupants are able to choose their view. Let's narrow our imaginations down to a building of 6 floors where each floor is rotatable. Imagine it by the seaside where each occupant in each floor is given the choice to rotate their side of the view.

Well, here's the proposal of an internationally known designer, Michael Jantzen. The Wind Shaped Pavilion. His current project is made up of large fabric and it's section position is randomly rotated by the wind. It's not only cool in design but it is also useful. It's rotation generates electricity for illumination during the night. Cool! I've taken a few samples from the original website

Here's all 6 units in symmetrical order.

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 And this is what happens when the wind blows.


Here's a picture taken from the top.


 And here's how it looks like inside