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I have been reading The Superficial for over a year now. I find the author extremely cheeky, cocky and funny. Actually, his goal is to make fun of as many people as possible. Usually it's about celebrities and current internet goobers. As a celebrity gossip site, the information may or may not be true. However, the thing I like most about this site is that it includes pictures and videos in each of their posts. The author seems to have a lot of supporting photographers. If you're ever checking the site out from the office, look out for NSFW (Not Safe For Work) pictures. When the author labels a picture as NSFW, the LINK will open up the REAL, UNCENSORED version.

The Superficial
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8 Pictures : Celebrities Arrested

Here are 8 photos out of the many that I have found from this website. Scroll down to check them out!


Who : Michelle Rodriguez (plays 'Ana Lucia' in TV Series Lost Season 2)

Why : Arrested by Honolulu cops for drunk driving in December 2005.

Comments : "You think it's funny?"


Who : Cynthia Watros (plays 'Libby' in TV Series Lost Season 2)

Why : For the same reason as 'Ana Lucia'

Comments : man. she looks like a junkie in the picture


Who : Eminem

Why : arrested twice in June 2000 for gun charges and assault in Michigan

Comments : "I'ma fist you!"


Who :  Snoop Dogg

Why : charged with possession of a dangerous weapon in November 2006 at John Wayne Airport

Comments : "Whatcha lookin' at, dawg?"

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Who :  19 year old 50 cent

Why : Taken in August 1994 while serving time in a New York State Department of Correctional Services shock incarceration program

Comments : "Gotta start early. Gotta serve time. Gotta make me a gangsta rappa."


Who : Michael Jackson

Why : Arrested in 2003 for child molestation. 

Comments : May God bless you.


Who : Frank Sinatra

Why : Arrested in Bergen County, New Jersey 1938 for humping a married woman. (It was illegal back then)

Comments :  "Don't worry babe, we'll do it My Way"


Who : Bill Gates

Why : Arrested in 1977 for traffic violations

Comments : "Yay! Publicity for Microsoft!"