Top 20 Best Condom Types To Buy And Use

The only shield against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. The condom was thought to have been in use since 3,000 years ago when an Egyptian drawing of a condom being worn was found. The reduced sensation of the average condom prolongs performance. Also, there are many other types out there that are supposedly made to enhance both male and female pleasure. Below are the 20 types and shapes of condoms available in convenient stores worldwide.

  1. His n’ Her
  2. The His n’ Her pleasure features a dramatic bulb-like shape at the head which allows nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, producing significantly more pleasure for him while the 68 ribs along the rubber dramatically enhances her pleasure.

  3. Double Play
  4. Double Play condoms are new members of the ‘Unlimited Edition’ from LifeStyles. A unique shape that is tailored for a man along with ultimate texture for a womans needs. The bottom is covered with 10 rows of studs while the head of the condom has 5 rows of ribs.

  5. Mutual Pleasure
  6. Mutual Pleasure condoms have two sections of ribs, 8 ribs at the top and 24 ribs at the bottom. The ribs along with hundreds of raised studs are sure to increase her pleasure but the condom is also wider at the top with a contoured shape to increase comfort and pleasure for him.

  7. Crown Studded
  8. This super thin Japanese condom offers a wider, more comfortable shape along with added strength and studs for her pleasure.

  9. Her Sensation
  10. Her Sensation condoms are designed specifically to enhance a womans pleasure with 30 rows of ribs specially positioned where it will make a difference for her. Her Sensation ribbed condoms have a silky smooth lubricant and a pleasant berry scent that enhances the intimacy unlike the latex smell of standard condoms.

  11. Beyond Seven Studded
  12. 45 rows of textured dots, 1350 in all. Thin, strong and silky soft, these lightly lubricated condoms are made of a latex called Sheerlon, an advanced material so strong and durable, it can be made much thinner than an ordinary latex rubber condom. Beyond seven has a slightly narrower shape and a light blue tint and are said to produce the most sensitive condoms in the market.

  13. High Sensation
  14. Combine ultra thin latex with added texture for a one of a kind experience. Durex High Sensation features raised ribs throughout its entire length.

  15. Vibra Ribbed
  16. Covered from head to toe in vibrant ribs, the LifeStyles Vibra-Ribbed was the original ribbed condom designed to provide maximum sensation for a man and a woman.

  17. Intense Sensation
  18. These condoms are studded with texture for extreme pleasure. With hundreds of raised studs, Durex Intense Sensation are sure to add intense excitement and sensation.

  19. Type E
  20. This lubricated condom gives greater sensation and stimulation to both because the form fitting design has row upon row of textured ‘Sensi-Dots’ and ribs for extra sensation. Although 20% thinner than standard condoms, Kimono Type E far exceed both FDA and tougher international specifications for quality and reliability.

  21. Shared
  22. Trojan Shared Sensation has alternating rows of raised bumps and ridges for her and a flared design that’s roomy at the tip for him.

  23. Pleasure Plus
  24. The Pleasure Plus condom has a large, loose pouch of additional ribbed latex, positioned near the head and underside of the condom. During sex, the extra latex slides back and forth against the very sensitive underside of the penis. This is the key to the Pleasure Plus condoms. The moving latex restores the stimulation essential to sexual pleasure for both men and women!

  25. Inspiral
  26. The Inspiral condom creates a springy action unlike any other condom on the market. The Inspiral condom’s unique twisting shape creates stimulation in sensitive nerve endings actually making the condom feel thinner than it really is.

  27. Twisted Pleasure
  28. The Twisted Pleasure has a special twist at the closed end, to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas. With it’s unique patented shape, the Twisted Pleasure is designed for mutual pleasure.

  29. X-tra Pleasure
  30. X-tra Pleasure with its new innovative design, features a dramatic bulb-like shape at the head which allows nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, producing significantly more pleasure.

  31. Supra
  32. Trojan Supra condoms are made from a Medical-grade advanced material called Microsheer. Supra condoms are ultra thin, strong and invisibly clear. Compatible with both water based and oil based lubricants, Supra polyurethane condoms have no latex allergens, and they transmit body heat unlike latex.

  33. Performax
  34. The name says it all. Manufactured with a special climax control lubricant, Durex Performax condoms help prolong male sexual performance while maintaining sensation for both parties.

  35. Her Pleasure
  36. The perfect combination of the long bulb shaped head and the raised treads on the shaft were designed with the woman in mind. Trojan’s Her Pleasure has a loose fitting head and with all the extra latex moving around makes for extra stimulation for him as well as her. Trojan Her Pleasure condoms are lubricated and feature a reservoir tip for added security against breakage.

  37. Microthin
  38. Sheer strength, sheer pleasure, Kimono microthin condoms are 38% thinner and crafted to exacting standards of quality, these form fitting Kimono condoms have earned the super-thin crown.

  39. Night Light
  40. Your very own light sabers. Night Light glow in the dark condoms are manufactured to the same standards as typical condoms, and provide the same protection and safety as typical condoms. They’re just much more fun.

The 6 Type Of Guys In Women’s Eyes

As I have written previously before, women look for these 3 things in a man. You know when a woman is missing something when they look for it outside their marriage. If sex sucks, she gets a hot, exhilarating lover. If the husband’s sex skill is enough to satisfy but she’s not really treated with respect, she’ll look for someone else who can give that. If the marriage lacks emotional intimacy, then she’ll be out there to fulfill her emotional needs. It’s usually one or more needs not met that drives a woman who goes outside of her marriage. For some, if it means getting 2 different men to meet her needs, she’ll just do it.

Below are the 6 type of guys that exist in women’s eyes.

  1. The Bad Ass
  2. She feels sexiest when with a bad ass. He is usually masculine and pretty skillful in bed. However, he’s a born bad ass playboy. He’s known to be a cheating nincompoop. Emotional connection does not exist in this kind of relationship, so does respect. The point of addiction is only sex. She will try to break his wild ways but it is useless. When the time comes, she’ll leave. Normal fights won’t do it. Only if the breakup involves a lot of emotions.

  3. Mr. Nice
  4. David DeAngelo, the dating guru, calls this type of guy the wussy. A wuss is someone defined as weak and unmanly. He is be able to make her feel appreciated and establish the emotional connection but he’s boring. He’s not manly enough to neither make her feel sexy nor turned on about sex. This type of relationship may eventually lead to marriage. He’d be a good fit for a family but he may not be enough to complete her sexual fantasies.

  5. The Emotionally Unavailable Guy
  6. This type of guy is one of the closest that she may get to an ideal relationship. Not a wussy, not a cheating nincompoop. The muscles and good sex will fulfill the sexual part plus he is also a gentleman who makes her feel appreciated. However, he’s emotionally unavailable. There is no emotion, so she complains. One of the biggest complaints that women have. Everything is there, but shit, he’s not emotionally available. She will try her hardest to get him to open up which never happens. Women are built on emotions, they need it, which when the time comes she will leave.

  7. The Gay
  8. There are also other types of men around like her gay friend. He makes her feel sexy and he genuinely makes her feel appreciated. They share a lot in common, but shit, he’s gay. In the end it is still not enough.

  9. The Secret Lover
  10. The secretly mysterious lover may never be part of any of her plans, but shit, the sex is addictive. Maybe once in a blue moon when she feels bored with the daily routine that has been going on for her, she’ll arrange to see him for one thing and one thing only. The fulfilling sex. Upon satisfaction, she leaves with the hope of finding her complete man.

  11. The Married Man
  12. The 6th type is the married man. There’s a saying that the perfect guys are all married. It simple means an unavailable man has higher value. Only the type of women that wants what she can’t have, will go for it. The sex is crazy good, she feels super sexy, the emotional connection is there BUT he will NEVER leave his wife. Though she doesn’t feel special, it is difficult for her to leave. The reason lies in her low self esteem.

The above were examples of men in her life. As you can see, one or more of her needs are not being met in each example. And by looking at what is missing, you can conclude what she has to have. =)