The Mystery Method Of Picking Up Women

Here’s a video documentary by ABC Primetime Special on The Mystery Method, a group of guys teaching wannabes how to pick up women. Attending a 3 days course will eat up $2500 from your bank account. Imagine the price if it were to be held in other countries like Australia (then it would be almost A$5000).

The Mystery Method
Put beautiful women under your spell


Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

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As we move towards a more complete web 2.0, more and more online dating sites are popping out of nowhere, giving big competitors like and meetic a run for their money. Here are the pros and cons of online dating which everyone should know about. Also, if you haven’t, check out this list of 19 free online dating sites that I’ve written a while ago. You might wanna try submitting your profile to all of the 19 to increase your chances. =)


  • All you need is a computer. Low on resources. Available day or night 24/7.
  • Make advances with minimum conversation. New technologies such as sending a ‘smile’ allows sending over a subtle hint to the person you admire. And if they like you, you’ll get a response.
  • Continually improving algorithms and tests such as sorting functions, profiles matching and personality tests widens the possibility of finding that potential perfect date.
  • Meet people all around the world. Build long distance friendships. Learn about the exciting things they do or food they eat. You’d be taken aback by the surprising world of travel.
  • Meet when ready. Imagine having made a date this coming Saturday night and suddenly growing an ugly zit on the forehead on Friday night. Pimples? Bad hair days? All of these don’t matter when it’s online.
  • Date parallely. When it comes to email and IM, you get to do it parallely. Respond to as many personals as you want. Chat with a few of your admirers at the same time.
  • Save cash. You don’t have to go out on dates to know that the person is lacks what you’re looking for in the first place. When it’s online, you get to discover all his/her interests even before striking a conversation. Online dating allows you to compare yourself to another person before spending on movies, dinner and etc.
  • Wear what you want. Chat in your pajamas. There’s no need to dress up. There’s low priority in first impressions. Chat comfortably in a low pressure environment.
  • The easy part of online dating not only involves starting conversations but also ending one. If you’ve had enough of a weirdo, you can easily stop all associations with the person. It is much less messy, hurtful and embarrassing.
  • Safer in most cases. Most online dating sites track complaints, monitor member’s behavior and deals swiftly with offenders. Imagine efficient club bouncers that throw rowdy people out of the club into the streets.


  • Identities may be fake. As you go along, you’ll pick up the ability to differentiate but it is most risky for first timers. You gotta be careful.
  • Some are photogenic, some are not. With the advancement in image enhancing softwares like Photoshop, you can make a tiger grow human hands. However, if you go by the saying of ‘do not judge a book by its cover’, then you should do fine.
  • The ‘chemistry’ factor. You may seem like the perfect couple online but things may be different offline. You may only find out compatibility during the 1st ‘real, live’ encounter.

Online Dating Guide
Advantages and disadvantages of dating online


Free Online Dating Sites That Everyone Ought To Know About

Meet the latest trend of finding love, Dating 2.0. The best thing about online dating is the ability to choose from hundreds of potential dates freely. It’s even better if you didn’t have to spend a single cent on memberships or annual fees. Now here are 19 FREE online dating sites that you and I would want to join. Why pay when you can get it free? =)

  1. BookOfMatches
  2. ConnectingSingles
  3. DateHookup
  4. LifeKnot
  5. mingle2
  6. okcupid
  7. PlentyOfFish
  8. SixSingles