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Famous Red Light Districts In The United States Of America

A red-light district is a neighborhood where prostitution is a common part of everyday life. It was discovered in the US at around the 1890s, and derives from the practice of placing a red light in the window to indicate to customers the nature of the business. This is based on the biblical story of Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho who aided the spies of Joshua and identified her house with a scarlet rope.

Below are some of the more well known red light districts across cities of the US.

  • Alaska

  • Anchorage
    Spenard Road

  • Arizona

  • Phoenix
    Van Buren Street
    Miracle Mile

  • California

  • El Centro
    Adams Avenue
    Los Angeles
    Sunset Boulevard – Hollywood
    Western Avenue – Hollywood
    San Fernando Valley
    Sepulveda Boulevard
    San Francisco

  • Colorado

  • Denver
    East Colfax Avenue

  • Florida

  • Orlando
    Orange Blossom Trail (OBT)

  • Georgia

  • Atlanta
    Metropolitan Parkway (formerly known as Stewart Avenue)
    River Street
    Warner Robins
    Front Street

  • Hawaii

  • Honolulu
    Hotel Street

  • Iowa

  • Council Bluffs
    South 24th Street

  • Louisiana

  • New Orleans
    Bourbon Street
    Baton Rouge
    Plank Road

  • Maryland

  • Baltimore
    The Block

  • Michigan

  • Detroit
    8 Mile Road
    Michigan Ave (Southwest Side)
    Grand Rapids
    Division Avenue

  • Minnesota

  • Minneapolis
    Washington & Central Avenue

  • Nebraska

  • Omaha
    Saint Marys Avenue/Leavenworth Street

  • Nevada

  • Reno
    Fourth Street

  • New York

  • New York City
    Hunts Point

  • Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma City
    South Robinson Avenue (between SE 29th and 44th Streets)

  • Texas

  • Dallas
    Harry Hines (Note: Way overpriced)
    Bissonnet and Beltway 8,US 59S(Southwest Freeway at Hillcroft),Montrose

  • Washington, DC

  • 13th-16th streets between L and M NW
    Vermont Avenue, NW


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