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15 Awesome Places You Will Want To Have Your Wedding At

That is my cousin Chris with his just-married-wife Anna at their wedding ceremony about 2 weeks ago. They newlyweds looked stunningly happy. I noticed that the church they had their wedding in looked classical. And then I thought about myself. About where I am going to have mine when my time comes. If it ever comes. =)

Anyways, I’m sure when you wed, you’d want to have a kick ass, memorable place to do it too. I searched and found many people asking about idea places to have a wedding at. Well, here are your answers for several of the common places found all over the world that you would want to have your wedding at.

  1. Seaside / Beach / Ocean Front Wedding
  2. Couples from all over the world exchanging vows on the white sugar sand beaches, with the emerald water and breath-taking sunsets as a backdrop. Escalate the excitement by having everyone go barefoot.

  3. Castle / Mansion Wedding
  4. Celebrities seem to have a thing with castles and mansions. One of the reasons lie in the magnitude of the place. All the rooms and halls are huge and can take thousands. I know there are lots and lots of castles in England, Scotland and Wales that make it as stunningly romantic venues for a wedding.

  5. Church Wedding
  6. Christians’ favourite wedding spot. It’s easier to organize, and the backdrop will never change be it stormy or sunshine.

  7. Poolside Wedding
  8. You can easily find a nice modern looking pool in any 5 star hotel near your city. If you could find a poolside by the ocean front, even better.

  9. Garden Wedding
  10. Sunrise brings out the best of garden weddings. It’s when the birds and bees are out and about.

  11. Ballroom Wedding
  12. It’s easier but it costs more. Guests will most certainly feel comfortable and grand as it is done in a ballroom.

  13. Park Wedding
  14. Ah.. the pond, the trees, the birds and a swing set.

  15. Lake Wedding
  16. Almost like the ocean front, only that instead of beaches, you’ll get mountains.

  17. Boat / Cruise / Ship Wedding
  18. The love boat. The difference is that you are moving. It feels like taking a journey.

  19. Lighthouse Wedding
  20. Something different. A wedding by the lighthouse brings about a historical, classical feeling.

  21. Waterfall Wedding
  22. Waterfall weddings rock! Get engulfed with the tranquility of nature surrounding it, especially the sound of the water falling.

  23. Bridge Wedding
  24. There are scenic bridges around but you have to put in some effort to search for them. It’s special, as it looks a bit like a fairytail affair. It signifies the ‘bridging’ of two people.

  25. Art Gallery Wedding
  26. Art galleries are posh places. Imagine your wedding event being adorned by astounding works of art.

  27. Fountain Wedding
  28. Imagine having fountains as a beautiful backdrop for weddings. It’s nice, serene and unique.

  29. Mountain Top Wedding
  30. Nothing else makes you feel more on top of the world than a wedding on a mountain top overlooking the valley or city.


22 Obvious Ways To Detect And Tell If A Person Is Lying

Lying is something that happens everyday in every society. A person may want to to deceive, maintain a secret or reputation, or to avoid punishment. In business, politics, romance or at home it happens and it would also be nice to know when we’re being lied to.

  1. Fidgeting
  2. Fidgeting is the most obvious giveaway. Watch for hands and legs that are shaky, rubbing, stiff, self directed, touching the face, nose, chest or behind the ear. Arms crossed over the chest while speaking is the body language for protection and sense of insecurity linked to lying. Other actions include biting the lip, covering the mouth, rubbing the forehead or temple, squinting of the eyes or rubbing of the neck. Women tend to touch their throat’s trachial area.

  3. Over Denial
  4. image source

    Repeating protests of innocence.

  5. Lack Of Detail
  6. Liars’ stories often lack detail. Push for particulars. The more specific details that a liar has to provide, the more likely he is to slip up.

  7. Uncooperative
  8. Liars are noticeably less cooperative. They are also more likely to complaint, make more negative statements and appear unfriendly to minimize slip ups.

  9. Eye Contact
  10. Unwillingness to make or never breaking eye contact is often sign of deceit.

  11. Dilated Pupils
  12. Dilated pupils and a rise in vocal pitch are more common in liars than people who told the truth.

  13. Pausing
  14. Forced to make up a story on the spot, most speakers will take a beat or two to collect their thoughts. Lies require a quick mental review of what they have told others to avoid inconsistency and to make up new details as needed.

  15. Inconsistency
  16. Having someone repeat the story again will enable you to look for inconsistencies to ferret out lies.

  17. Consciously Trying Too Hard
  18. Someone who is consciously trying to make you think he’s honest may be lying. For example you may hear the phrase ‘to be honest’ more often than not. Generally, people assume that they will be trusted most of the time. If someone expects otherwise, take a moment to think.

  19. Being Open To Possibilities
  20. Liars succeed in the area where listeners themselves do not really want to know the truth. So be honest with yourself about what it is you want to hear. A boss may want to believe that a trusted employee didn’t have his hand in the cookie jar. However, does the story make sense?

  21. Eye Direction
  22. Their eyes are not fixed upon whom they are speaking to. If the person looks up to the left upper corner of their eye, they are pulling strategy from their right side of the brain, which is the creative side, therefore creating a situation or lying. Looking at the right upper corner of the eye will invoke the left side of the brain which indicates visual recalling.

  23. Stuttering
  24. Stumbling over words without natural fluency.

  25. Change Of Subject
  26. Changing subjects quickly. A liar will definitely welcome the change and try to maintain the new subject. Their interests are clearly seen. An innocent person will appear confuse and may also try returning to the previous subject.

  27. Level Of Comfort
  28. When someone is comfortable with you while answering your questions, they will move to their comfort positions, eg. tilting their head to one side or the other. When asked a question that they might lie about or feel threatened by, they will straighten or stiffen up, no longer tilting their head.

  29. Unusually Longer Response
  30. Q : Are there any drugs or weapons in your car?
    A : There shouldn’t be.
    Q : Is this your car?
    A : Yes.

    There are drugs and/or guns/knives in the car. An innocent person in their own car would answer with an emphatic ‘NO’. Unusually much longer responses or too many details may tip you off to their desperation to get you to believe them.

  31. Filling The Gap
  32. Someone trying to lie may also ‘bridge’ over something they do not want to tell you.

  33. Ah’s Um’s Er’s
  34. People using um, ah, hmm, before answering questions are trying to think of an answer, that more times than not, is going to be a lie.

  35. Over Formal Speech
  36. Use of long words, painfully correct grammar and the full form of words or phrases that would normally be shortened, suggesting a scripted speech rather than natural conversation.

  37. Very Few Gestures And No Pointing
  38. Physical movements illustrating something being described is a common and natural activity.

  39. Justification
  40. Attempting to justify every detail with lengthy explanations.

  41. Conflict In Verbal And Physical Projection
  42. You can find many discrepancies between a lie and the actions. You may also find mismatches between the tone of voice and expression. Be sensitive to the person’s emotional expression, specifically the timing and duration, which tends to be off when someone is lying. Emotions can be delayed, remain longer than usual, then stop suddenly. Likewise, they might not match appropriately with verbal statements.

  43. Most Obvious Giveaway
  44. On paper. Seeing what someone said in writing is much more effective in detecting lies than listening to them.

If someone who knows what he is going to be asked will surely have prepared himself. The best liars in the world are the most thorough ones. For example, when Bill Clinton looked at those reporters and told them he never had relations ‘with that woman’ and never blinked or gave ANY indication he was lying, he broke the mold.


16 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The goal is to put a smile on their faces. As a token of appreciation for the effort and contribution of our fathers for the past 1 year. It’s around the corner and if you still need ideas on what to get for your father, here are 16 suitable father’s day gifts.

  1. Electronic shaver / after shave
  2. shaver

    All men need this. Save your dad time and get him an electronic shaver. If he already has one, get him an aftershave. Aftershave is essential in closing up the exposed skin pores that happens after shaving. This will prevent any bacteria or dirt from accumulating inside. If you’re a guy and you don’t use aftershave, the red spots that you see after shaving are actually bacteria.

  3. Cologne
  4. cologne

    Cologne is consumable. Sooner or later, he will finish the current one. Look out for the Father’s Day promotion specials in perfume outlets. They tend to have discounts.

  5. New / interesting underwear / briefs / boxers
  6. ck

    Check out his waist size. Then check out whether if he wears briefs, boxers or underwear. Get him a new pair or 2. Throw in some humor. Buy heart shaped ones or polka dots. =P

  7. iPod / accessories
  8. ipod

    Get him an ipod. If he already has one, get him ipod accessories. Men are all about gadgets.

  9. Laptop accessories
  10. laptop

    Get him a new laptop skin. You can easily find lots of different laptop skins in online auction sites like ebay.

  11. Digital photo frame key chain viewer
  12. viewer

    USB digital photo frame that stores pictures will be good for new dads. He can easily show off pictures of his kids when asked.

  13. Jersey / cap / gloves / golf balls
  14. balls

    Sports. Most men love sports. Be it golf, baseball, football, basketball, soccer or tennis. Buy him a jersey, baseball cap or golf balls of his favorite player. If he likes to swim, get him a pair of anti fog goggles. A sports bag will also do fine.

  15. Watch
  16. watch

    My suggestion would be a nice watch as a gift. It’s like jewlrey without being flashy and girly. Plus it’s thoughtful and practical. And then he gets to wear your present everyday!

  17. Coffee mug
  18. mug

    If he doesn’t get him a coffee mug. If he already has one, make him a coffee mug warmer.

  19. Fountain pen
  20. fountain pen

    If doesn’t already, get him a fountain pen. Fountain pens are nice to write with because they produce a much more reliable flow of ink.

  21. Wallet / Tie
  22. wallet

    It’s the most common guy gift. Wallet or tie. Fits well as a gift on any occasion.

  23. A fridge full of his favorite drink
  24. beer

    Imagine him waking up to a fridge full of beer. Or a cupboard full of packets of his favorite coffee flavor.

  25. A favorite meal treat / a bag of his favourite chips
  26. steak

    As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Bring him out for a dinner. Go someplace that serves his favorite meal. You can also surprise him with a cupboard full of his favorite chips / nuts.

  27. Wallpaper
  28. wallpaper

    Print out a poster and stick it on your wall. Have his picture in it, preferably looking cool with sunglasses on or something, and print it out into a big poster consisting of several A4 paper sizes. Or you can take a picture with the rest of the family holding up a ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ sign. Here’s instructions on how to do it.

  29. Write a poem
  30. The things you taught me I will always know.
    How could I not? The roots have sunk so deep:
    All lessons of the heart that I will keep
    No matter who I am or where I go.
    Kids learn from what their parents are, and so
    You are my book of life, the thoughts I reap;
    From you I learned the rules of right and wrong
    Against which I at times had to rebel,
    Though with regret I carry with me still.
    How lucky I am to have been loved so well,
    Even as I pushed against your will,
    Relying on a father fair and strong.

  31. Body massage
  32. massage

    Bring him out on a 1 hour full body massage. Check out the prices and promotions beforehand. Make a booking preferably after lunchtime. Anyone would love being massaged. It feels good.