Proof Of God’s Existence

Do you believe in God? Is He real? I'm not too sure but I have found 2 logical "proofs" that God must exist.

  1. If I were to open up my watch and observed the mechanism within, surely it did not happen by chance, that it was designed. Take a look at the universe around us. Is it possible for the orbits of planets around the sun to the smallest of cells in our body happen by chance? Surely the huge and complex mechanism must've been designed and the Designer must be God.
  2. Cause and effect. Everything that exists is an effect of a cause. Which means there must be a "first cause" prior to all the causes. The "first cause" is necessary to explain existence. The "first cause" is God.

There was once a French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, who came up with a philosophy that appealed to people who believed that it was impossible to prove God's existence. Here was what he said :

  • God either exists or he does not.
  • If we believe in God and he exists, we will be rewarded with eternal bliss in heaven.
  • If we believe in God and he does not exist then at worst all we have forgone is a few sinful pleasures.
  • If we do not believe in God and he does exist we may enjoy a few sinful pleasures, but we may face eternal damnation.
  • If we do not believe in God and he does not exist then our sins will not be punished.

What do you think? =)


Yellow Pages For The Christian Soul

Hi guys. Now here's a great site for all Christians alike. This site is broken into 3 different columns.

  • Passages to look for in the bible when feeling emotional. Examples :
  1. Depressed – Psalm 34
  2. Lonely – Psalm 23, Hebrews 13:5,6
  3. Facing Crisis – Psalm 121, Matthew 6:25-34, Hebrews 11
  • Virtues and characters of a true Christian. Examples :
  1. Contentment – Philippians 4:11-13, 1 Timothy 6:6
  2. Forgiveness Mark 11:25,26, Ephesians 4:31,32
  3. Sincerity – Philippians 1:9,10
  • Teachings about life's problems. Examples :
  1. Adultery – Matthew 5:27-32
  2. Excuses – Luke 14:15-24
  3. Lip Service – Matthew 7:21

All the keywords to the topics above are sorted alphabetically. So if you're ever feeling doubtful or uncertain, just go to God's Yellow Pages and and you'll find comfort and strength to sooth your soul. =)

God's Yellow Pages