Your Own Custom Made T-Shirt

free t shirt contest

Get a chance to win your very own custom t-shirts. Here’s the link to the FREE Custom T-Shirt Contest page. All you have to do is just create an account, write down your ideas and start designing. If you’re the winner, then lots of people must have liked your design. Contribute back by voting on t-shirts that you like from a score of 0 to 10. Winners are selected weekly and will receive a free t-shirt of their own design. There is no condition to buy anything with it. However, contest rules do apply so read the 10 short rules written at the bottom before trying anything.

Berda Compugraphics have been around the industry for more than 12 years. As you can see, the contest is just a way of promoting their website. Check out the main page. You’ll be surprised with what you’ll find there. Here’s a screenshot of their services.


50 Brilliant Travel Sites

Brooke Dowd has done a great job in compiling a list of informative and useful travel sites that will expand your horizons. Basically Luggage Online's 50 Travel Sites is divided into 9 different categories. Namely,

I like the effort that has been put into presentation and research. For each website listed, there is a link at the top, a motto below it and a neat description about the services offered. If the website has a cool feature or a page that shouldn't be missed out, it will be noted at the bottom after the description. Here are 2 samples out of the 50 in the list.
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For a true traveler, the destination is only a minor detail in planning a trip, experiencing and diving deeper into an unfamiliar culture is inevitable. So, enjoy surfing the site. =)


Foreign Language Courses For Everyone

Have you ever thought of learning another language? Well, I have. For instance, I believe Spanish is important because a lot of European countries are speaking Spanish. If I were to know Spanish, I believe my travels to countries like Spain and Portugal will be more enjoyable.

Now here's a new website that provides language courses in digital form. Currently the website has 4 audio books for sale at a low price of $29.99 each. They are :

The website deals with 5 different currencies to accommodate their world wide customers. Believe me that $29.99 is a bargain for the digital books offered at FSI Courses. Here are 4 stores that you can survey for yourself.


So if you ever need to learn any of the 4 languages mentioned above, head on over to FSI Courses and get it. Have fun learning!