The REAL Costa Rica


Here's a guy from Chicago, USA who lives in San José, Costa Rica with his wife and pets who has spent 3 years developing the perfect website for Costa Rica. Tim, the author, looks forward to be a source of correct accurate information about Costa Rica. He's done some traveling around and heard lots of nonsensical stuff about Costa Rica like

  • "Don't drink the water in Costa Rica.",
  • "You need to take typhoid shots to avoid getting sick.", 
  • "Malaria is rampant!"
  • "Stay off the streets, the crime is awful!",
  • "Costa Rican food sucks!",

Because of that, he's written articles, statistics, photographs, movie clips, tables, charts and 100% accurate information about Costa Rica. So if you ever plan to

  • visit Costa Rica
  • live in Costa Rica
  • move to Costa Rica
  • do business in Costa Rica

Tim's site is the site to be.  If you wanna learn more about Costa Rican'

  • internet, media, communications
  • hospitals, health insurance, emergency services
  • education, schools, universities, Spanish
  • legal system, the constitution, politics

Tim's site is the site to be. Check it out!

The Real Costa Rica
The link to the great Costa Rica site! 


National Public Toilet Map

Did you know that there is a website that contains the location of more than 14,000 public & private toilet facilities across Australia? Wonder no further as the Australian government funded website is called ToiletMap. You can also find all the information about each toilet, such as :

  • location
  • opening hours
  • availability of baby change rooms
  • accessibility for the disabled
  • details of other toilets nearby.

Here's an example screenshot of Shoalwater located in the City of Rockingham in Perth.

This website is certainly of great value to residents in Australia who are affected by the inability to control urination. It helps to :

  • plan short and long journeys
  • improve independence on others
  • handy for young families and the disabled
  • assist in planning rest breaks in between cities and towns while traveling

To use ToiletMap, narrow down the map to a particular State / Territory. You can also use the search feature provided to find by postcode, town or suburb, specific addresses or landmarks like a sports ground. You can also use the Trip Planner by entering your start and destination and get turn by turn descriptions for the quickest routes and toilets along the way.

The National Public Toilet Map
Interesting stuff from Australia! Worth checking out!