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16 Modern Sexy Hairstyles For Ladies

I know of female friends who change hairstyles every 6 months. I don’t really understand the need to do that but hey, girls are girls. Recently my friend wanted to change her hairstyle but couldn’t decide which to cut into. Well, as a guy, I would like to contribute by sharing my opinion on what I feel about the 16 modernly sexy hairstyles for ladies. I’ve taken the time to search for pictures so that if you wanna cut into the style, just print this page out and give it to your hairstylist. =)


  1. The pixie
  2. This hairstyle gives your face full focus. It also makes you look and feel younger. However, this hairstyle is only suitable for chun chics. If you think you make the cut, gof or it. To maintain maintain this hairstyle, trim it monthly.

  3. The natural afro
  4. The natural afro suits black women best. Actually, this hair is suitable for the very busy. Why? Cause maintenance is low.

  5. The long and short
  6. This haircut is all about movement. The front can be tucked behind ears or left by the sides. If you’ve got a wide roundish face and a bigger than average mouth size, you’ll look gorgeous. It brings about a shine and make heads turn when you turn around.

  7. Blunt bob
  8. A lot of models wear this hair. This will certainly have you stand out among the crowd.

  9. Short shag
  10. if your hair is too thick or too fine, don’t do this. If you are a very ladylike person, this is for you. It will bring about a well mannered vibe.

  11. Curly bob
  12. This style brings about a sense of vintage classics. When I see a girl in this, I feel she’s gotta be fun to be with.

  13. Romantic bob
  14. Ahh… very suitable for going out on dates. You’ll look sweet. If you have dimples, ~fuh, you’ll rock the atmosphere around you.

  15. Angled bob
  16. If you wanna make your face look long and narrow, this is it. Your hair will have to be fine and straight. I like to watch the rustling motion of the hair when she walks.


  17. Paneling
  18. The twist of layers gives your hair more volume. You’ll look lovelier if you have round eyes.

  19. Medium shag
  20. The layers will give your face form. Having some hair by the front of the eyes gives out a sense of mystery and attraction.

  21. Wavy shag
  22. This is for those who wanna look messy. Rugged yet massive.


  23. Long shag
  24. Well, this is pretty common among females. Why? Cause you’ll look refined.

  25. Long with bangs
  26. This is good for long faces. It gives more focus to the eyes and cheeks.

  27. Long curls
  28. Incredibly sexy. However, the price to pay lies in the difficulty of maintaining it.

  29. Long straight
  30. Good for anyone. Goes well with any dressing and occasion.

  31. Long layers
  32. Makes you look versatile and laid back. I feel that ladies in this type of hairstyle have amusing characters.

17 replies on “16 Modern Sexy Hairstyles For Ladies”

I love No. 12 The long shag, in fact im going to take that picture in to the hairdresser and see if they can do something similar ! :D

Errrrrggggggggg!! What type of names are you people using, my fukin daughter was lookin on this website and the words used such as shag was absoloutly Terrible. Shit on my shoe you bastards!!!!!

Laura : shag is the description for a type of hairtstyle. Shag is a totally normal word, depending on how it is used.

Check out google. Check out princeton. Checkout any online dictionary and you will see the different uses for the word ‘shag’.

Anyways, when your daughter revisits this page, imagine the disappointment of finding an ‘examplary’ mother.

You’re an idiot. Halle Berry’s hairstyle is not a natural afro. Get a grip. Her hair is relaxed and styled in a short cut. Have you never seen an afro…who gave you this column? Tragedy.

My hair look’s like #10 BLAH… FLAT. Love #8 #9 #13!! BTW-Most guy’s like #12 because of her innocent,young look.(alway’s on their mind) Sorry…But true… And diden’t most of us look like that when our mom haden’t taken us to the salon for a while.

umm… The natural afro

“The natural afro suits black women best. Actually, this hair is suitable for the very busy. Why? Cause maintenance is low.”
…NOT REALLy there is alot of maintenance that goes into making textured hair LOOK like something.. Contrary to popular belief.. natural hair is more work than straight hair

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