Examples To Why Sometimes Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t Worth It

If you ever did have the thought of going for plastic surgery, beware as the pictures below will change your mind. Do know that plastic surgery is an unnatural way to look better. It only provides temporary self satisfaction, and you may not like the outcome.

  1. Lex Baldwin
  2. From the picture, it’s obvious that Lex Baldwin was a sexy Latino guy. Look at what happens to him when he goes for a nose job, brow lift and nose surgery.

  3. Donatella Versace
  4. The world’s top designer. Her face changed a lot after a nose job and lip alteration.

  5. Courtney love
  6. As if she wasn’t already pretty enough, she went under the knife for her eyes and nose.

  7. Mickey Rourke.
  8. Face lifts can do that to your hairline.

  9. Kate Jackson
  10. What a brow lift!

  11. Christie Brinkley
  12. Looking surprised forever.

  13. Vivica Fox
  14. The chin, cheeks, lips, eyelids, facelift and browjob took away her cuteness.

    Look at the deformed breasts.

  15. Victoria Silverstedt
  16. Do you think that the 1997 Playmate of the Year needed to enlarge her lips?

  17. Pamela Anderson
  18. She had really nice, suitable lips before.

  19. Mia Farrow
  20. Spotted the difference? Cheek implants, face lift and eyelift.

6 replies on “Examples To Why Sometimes Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t Worth It”

Donatella went from unattractive to absolutely hideous. I feel so sorry for her. I am truly shocked at how unattractive Vivica Fox has become. She truly should have left well enough alone. Victoria looks so bad after looking so pretty. What a pity. Mia does not look bad. I do not know why she is on the list. She was plain but cute before and she is still attractive. I find nothing really wrong with her face. She is kind of cute to me.

Take care,

Kate Jackson is, was and will be insanely attractive. She was the gorgeous angel IMHO.
All these other women are great looking as well, jeeze, people do age, and I can’t see anyone looking horrible unless they have a problem with plastic surgery, or an “enabling” doctor.

(Jackson) To each his own. Still, according to nature, everyone ages. Aging with grace is better than aging with plastics.

im here to talk about Lex Baldwin . you see 2 different pictures of lex here but at different ages. the one on the left is lex baldwin ,who is around in his late 20’s early 30’s -the other picture is of lex in his 40’s -2 different age gaps here. and yes ,the one on the right is the picture of lex after his cosmetic surgery ,and he looks different,but he also looks younger. i think thats what he was looking for and he got it. who are we to decide what looks good and does not look good? if these people are happy with the results ,why are we still pointing fingers at them YET we look like we need something for our own faces too! stop pointing fingers at these people! they tried what they wanted and some of them did get good results. PS_ its not fair to compare pictures that are 20 years old to newer pictures. everyone looks better ,20 ,30 years ago!!!

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