3 Basic Knowledge On Kissing

Well, every one does it. It’s a sign of love. Kissing is most intense during dating days. Some people ask, some people just find the right time and give it to their partner. Anyways, here are 3 basic stuff to know about kissing.


  1. The first kiss
  2. Usually, there’s inhibitions before going for the first one. If both parties continue to be shy, then nothing will happen. One party needs to do the initiation. This goes for guys and girls. Be gentle and keep your lips closed. All that the initiator need to do is move their lips to 90% of the way and leave a 10% room for a response. The other person may not be ready, so don’t go all the way. Always leave room for a response. It keeps things mutual. =)

  3. Accidents
  4. Accidents can happen anytime. Bang teeth and bit lips are 2 common ones. All you need to do is laugh it off. Say something funny like, ‘Kissing you is like alchohol. The more we kiss, the ‘higher’ I get’. Laughing breaks the awkwardness. After that, get back to kissing, and get ‘high’ for REAL!

  5. Passion
  6. It’s best to kiss with your heads off-set at an angle. Always try to swallow before you kiss. Moist, not wet. Get your hands in on the action. Caress the face, hold the neck and pull your partner to you. Suck and nibble the lips in between the tongue-probing. Every now and then, detour away from the lips, elsewhere on the face. Don’t dominate the kisses. You are kissing together. Stop in time to make your partner want to come back for more.

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