3 Things That Women Look For In Men

Let’s be real. When we look at relationships, we find that some are stronger and successful than others. In successful, both parties get what they need. In weaker relationships, one or more needs are not being met. This gives us a clue to what women need.

  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Emotional intimacy depends primarily on trust, as well as the nature of the relationship and the culture in which it is observed. Women need to know that a man understands what she feels and is confident enough for her to share her emotions with him. This is the problem with men. Men tend to communicate intellectually and verbally in relationships. Women on the other hand, tend to relate on an emotional level.

    Imagine this. You open the door to her room and see her crying. I’m pretty sure that most guys will do one of these 5.

    • Ask her what’s wrong?
    • Tell her to stop crying?
    • Be afraid, imagine the worst?
    • Get mad and demand that she stop making a scene?
    • Get frustrated and stalk out?

    Guess what? None of the above improves intimacy. Men usually do not want to ‘feel’ the problem. They just want to solve it. A better approach is to sit with her, hold her hand and ask, ‘Is there anything I can do?’ If she says no, accept that and let her know that you care and are there when she’s ready to talk. =)

  • Respect
  • Respect to women simply means

    • Never, ever strike her no matter what the provocation.
    • Respect all women as equal. Question sexism.
    • Contribute equally to household chores.
    • Don’t expect her to serve you like a king. Respect her by not expecting her to wash, dry, fold or iron your clothes.

  • Sexual Intimacy
  • She grew up in the social programming that it is feminine and proper to be sexually submissive, and that it is unacceptable to be sexually forward. By being sexually submissive, she can enjoy sexuality without being to blame for it. She can be ‘slutty’ without being a ‘slut’. Thus, she can be fully sexually expressive by simply following the lead of her man.

    Therefore, in order for her to have a fulfilling sexual life, she is going to need a man who can lead her, such that she can experience those things that make her feel the way she has always wanted to feel. So she needs a man that she respects, because she will only follow the lead of a man that she takes seriously.

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