5 Things To Avoid When Kissing


Earlier, I wrote on the 3 basic stuff to know about kissing. I think that it is not complete without keeping in mind these 5 things to refrain from.

  1. Bad Breath
  2. This is the NO.1 thing to avoid when kissing. Bad breath will leave a negative impression on you in your partner. It will stick to the person that you’re dating and it is enough to make them reconsider kissing you again. Really, chew gum if you can’t brush your teeth. If you’ve eaten bad breath promoters like garlic or curry, do this.

    • First, eat lots of high water content fruits like watermelon, papayas, apples, grapes or any kind of berry will do.
    • Then, eat ice cream to clear the walls from the throat to the stomach. The stickiness of the ice cream will do the job well.
    • Lastly, brush your teeth. If not possible, chew gum.

  3. Monotonous Kissing
  4. No one in this world can continuously eat KFC everyday. No one can stand listening to the same song over and over again everyday for a year. Same goes to kissing. Alter the intensity. Move up when you feel it’s starting to get boring. Pump up the beat. Be creative. Play some R&B songs and kiss along to the beat. Maybe kiss longer.

  5. Silence
  6. If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, watch and learn what McDreamy does when he kisses Meredith. After a while, say something good to your partner’s ears. Something like ‘you look gorgeous from here’ or a simple ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’ will do. No doubt there is nothing wrong with silence but saying sweet things every now and then motivates your partner and yourself.

  7. Don’t choke him/her
  8. Don’t use the tongue too intensely. I know there’s a lot of passion involved at the moment but try to control yourself. Stop just after awhile and wait for a response. If the other party likes it and wants more, you will know. Lessen the tongue action and focus on making your partner comfortable and relaxed.

  9. Use your free hands
  10. Caress your partner. Move along the areas of the cheek, chin, neck, shoulders and back. Hold your partner’s hands. Give them a short hug. Play with the hair. Move very slowly and gently. This will keep up the flame.

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