7 Simple Tips To Keep Her Happy

    I’m have started dating since 13. If my friends and previous dates were to read this, they would start rolling on the floor and laugh like a monkey. In all my relationships, I have experienced ups and downs. Through observation and research I gain. No doubt, I’ve learned mostly from mistakes. =) Anyway, here are 7 simple secrets to keeping your woman or girl happy.

  1. Never Argue With Women
  2. Guys, we’ll never win. Why? Cause we have a tendency to make sense. That is why we should always let her win. If she wants you to come home early just say ‘Yes’. If you get accused and pushed to admit for forgetting the dishes just say ‘Yes’. If she’s just bought a $200 dress that can turn off a guy from miles away and excitedly asks you if it is nice, just say ‘Yes’. Buy yourself a rubber stamp and chop it all with a ‘Yes’ mark.

  3. Always laugh at her jokes
  4. Guys, we have a stronger sense of humour. So next time she tries to tell a joke that is so lame you’ll feel like committing suicide, laugh. Make her feel appreciated.

  5. Always remember (keep memos and reminders):
    • her birthday
    • your anniversary
    • your first kiss with her
    • your first movie together
    • valentine’s day
    • next Friday’s barbecue at her friend’s
    • to hang, fold, keep the clothes
    • all other arrangements that she made

  6. Read body language
  7. This is VERY important. Guys, we’ll have better psychic powers as time goes by. If you see her with some sexy lingerie and candles lit all around, forget about going out. If you see her come out of the kitchen complaining as you are about to reach the remote, forget about tv. If you are at a party talking to an old girl friend (just friends) and she gives you ‘the stare’, forget about the girl. Pay attention, guys.

  8. Listen
  9. If she says that your car’s cushion feels itchy, wash it. If she says that she’s having stomach cramps from period, go out and get Panadol Menstrual even if it is in the middle of the night. If she says that there is little milk, bread, rice, pasta, sugar, salt left in the ketchen, buy them. If she says she’s feeling dizzy and needs rest after dinner, wash the dishes. It is better to listen in order to understand than to listen in order to reply.

  10. Never complain about what she spends on
  11. If she’s just bought herself a $300 make up set, tell her it’s a good buy. If she’s just bought her 86th shoe, tell her it’s a good buy. If she’s just bought the 6th bracelet, 8th jacket, or the 20th hairpin, tell her it’s a good buy. Always compliment.

  12. Don’t be cheap
  13. Girls will notice EVERY single detail. So don’t think she won’t notice that last minute gift. Instead, be original. For me, I come up with my own poems. Just a simple 4 set 4 line poem will do. Something like :

    Thank God for the sunshine,
    Thank God for the day you became mine,
    What a beautiful year we’ve gone through,
    Thank you for your love is like honeydew.

    Accompany your own original written poem with a flower or a simple card. Remember, being original gets you the girl.

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#6: well, yeah?? As long as it’s her OWN money. No girl will be allowed to treat me like an ATM machine, unless she

a) looks like Kristin Kreuk
b) always make me feel good
c) doesn’t whine, bitch or complain
d) does *some* housework
e) helps me earn money by being sociable to clients, cope with stress etc.
f) has brains


this guy makes girls sound like one oof those remote control cars with a lot of rules or sumthin…i’m not THAT high maintanece…

and truthfully if i was wearin a butt-ugly dress i’d rather u tell me then let me wear it…

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