Part 2 of 3 : How To Answer Online Dating Personals Wrongly


This is the second part of the 3 part dating series on how bad personal ad responses sound like. If this is your first time, you might want to read the first part.

4. ‘Frightening but harmless’

  • Hi my name is Alex 29/m/Los Angeles 6’1″ tall with short Brown hair and hazel green eyes. I will send you a pic of me if you would like me to. Call or E-mail me at xxx-xxx-xxxx [email protected] I would love to hear from you, your a very beautiful woman. It would be a great pleasure to take you out to dinner sometime in the future.

    ‘chemical freak’? Looks like I’m smarter. I have 2 emails that I alternate with, [email protected] and [email protected]

  • I would like to see how great of a graphic artist you are. You send me some pictures of you and I have to guess whether they are real or not. I will do the same as soon as I get a picture of me scanned. If interested, reply back. I am not really looking for a relationship, just some on-line fun for the time being.

    What? He’s gonna get 4 pictures of ‘the finger’ face up, down, left and right.

  • Hi there ..seems like ur wait is over! ’cause I got curious on your profile. Well girls have found me a real macho! but I care a lot for intelligence and honesty! but you you’ve got to see yourself as opinions are benign! My vitals – Male, a Consultant, 26yrs – 6ft. Write to me at [email protected] with your proper mailid and we will carry on from there. But speed is important to me as is confidence, in the reply too! Take care and have a great day or night, depending on when u open this..

    ‘ur wait is over’. The pizza you ordered is here. ‘Yea bro, u got it rite~’

5. Childish Syndrome

  • my sense of humor is rather warped so is you face id f*ck you but i wouldend know which end to stick it in

    No comments.

  • With all due respect, Attractive, Intelligent, and Creative is a little on the unlikely side. Attractive people (I mean model attractive) usually don’t have personalities because they get everything based on their looks. In other words, don’t hold your breath on that one.

    Only losers bash another person to gain self esteem.

  • How are you? Wow, you sure sound like you know what to write in theads and all. But I hope that your ad was not to sound like you have a bighead. Because it sure sounds like you are. But I am sure that you are not. :-) So what’s this crap about how people think you are goth becuase you look pale? There are women in Florida that are more pale than you look. Anyways,I am not making any sense right now becuase of the recent hurricane Floyd fiasco.

    Talk to you soon.. I have some pics if you want some..

    ‘bighead’? It’s pretty dumb to insult and then cover it later with flattery.

6. Missing The Point

  • I am a photographer and looking for people to model for me. PLease click the blue link under sender’s profile to see my ad and then reply or call
    xxx-xxx-xxxx if you are interested…


    People join online personals for dating purposes, not to find modeling opportunities.

  • I just have to say I am absoulutely amazed at your ad. I would have wrote the same exact ad aside from being female and your personal things. I moved out to So-Cal about a year and a half ago and I too had that special someone however things didnt really work out like they were supposed to (do they ever?) Anyway I have met a lot of people and made a lot of friendships. You seem like a really nice person and thats an admirable quality out here. I am from back East and I am definately different minded then most of the freaks (oops I mean people out here) Thats not to say I dont enjoy watching them its kind of fun. But anyway I definately enjoy the things you do and would like to have a simple friendship and explore LA(since I havent had that much of a chance to). A little about me Im 6’0 tall, 25 y.o., athletic build, 185 lbs., and Im told Im very attractive in the all american type look (however I dont have that sexy LA bad boy look). So write me back if you are interested and we can go from there. By they way its funny but I too was in awe of the beauty I saw on the drive out here.

    What? Mistress hunting?

  • hi =)

    i saw your ad and i think you’re very pretty

    i am a male film student, i own a digital motion camera, and i want to film a gonzo adult film, which is girls having sex, while clothed guys are there for comedy

    i already have two other pretty girls interested in working with me, and i think you’d make a great addition

    so i am offering to write, direct, and film you in an adult feature, based in the l.a. area

    please write back =)

    Clothed guys watching girls have sex? You must be kidding me. LOL


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