The Dating Plan


It’s important to be clear with ourselves on what we really want in our life. I was once fat. Back when I was in university, i ate a lot and slept a lot. Which led to the loss of my neck. My neck looked as if it was part of my face. After uni, which was in 2006, I came back to my hometown and realized my health deteriorating. Since then, I have been consistently doing treadmills and lifting weights. Now I feel more confident than ever. All of this happened when I decided. So, it’s the same, we have to decide that we are looking for a partner before anything else can happen. All it takes is a decision.


Defining is the second step. After we’re clear with the direction we’re heading towards, let’s look at the finer aspects of a relationship. Let’s see what we can get out of it. For example, my purpose of going to the gym regularly is to have a well toned body. Good enough for me to fit into any clothing comfortably. I also want to gain a personal self satisfaction where I can approach a conversation with confidence and a positive outlook. Thinking about the outcome keeps me going to the gym consistently. In relationships, we have to also be clear with what we want. Whether it be for fun, security reasons, pride, companionship, etc. Is it for the short run or the long run?

Start Dating

Here’s where the fun begins. We meet our potentials along the line of time and experience all their characters and learn about difficulties while dating. It is also important to be ourselves at all time so that we may see common ground clearly. Whatever it may be, enjoy the time spent and have fun.

Determine the one

My usual weight is 63-65kg. Though it’s normal for a guy my height, a little less and my BMI will show underweight. All I wanted was a six pack, a chest and a pair of muscular legs instead of chicken legs. So I did my research and asked around for methods and equipments to increase the 3 sections of my body. Through trial and error, I developed a workout plan that worked for me. Same goes to dating. When we’ve found someone that likes the same music that we do, likes the same ice cream or watch the same cartoons when we were kids, we know we have a potential partner there.

Maintain Stability

If everything goes well and it follows through, we have ourselves a committed relationship. That’s when maintenance comes in. Like all body builders, I have to keep up with exercising or else my body will deteriorate. I have to do what it takes to maintain the muscles and prevent it from sagging. Here’s an example of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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