Top 20 Best Condom Types To Buy And Use

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The only shield against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. The condom was thought to have been in use since 3,000 years ago when an Egyptian drawing of a condom being worn was found. The reduced sensation of the average condom prolongs performance. Also, there are many other types out there that are supposedly made to enhance both male and female pleasure. Below are the 20 types and shapes of condoms available in convenient stores worldwide.

  1. His n’ Her
  2. The His n’ Her pleasure features a dramatic bulb-like shape at the head which allows nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, producing significantly more pleasure for him while the 68 ribs along the rubber dramatically enhances her pleasure.

  3. Double Play
  4. Double Play condoms are new members of the ‘Unlimited Edition’ from LifeStyles. A unique shape that is tailored for a man along with ultimate texture for a womans needs. The bottom is covered with 10 rows of studs while the head of the condom has 5 rows of ribs.

  5. Mutual Pleasure
  6. Mutual Pleasure condoms have two sections of ribs, 8 ribs at the top and 24 ribs at the bottom. The ribs along with hundreds of raised studs are sure to increase her pleasure but the condom is also wider at the top with a contoured shape to increase comfort and pleasure for him.

  7. Crown Studded
  8. This super thin Japanese condom offers a wider, more comfortable shape along with added strength and studs for her pleasure.

  9. Her Sensation
  10. Her Sensation condoms are designed specifically to enhance a womans pleasure with 30 rows of ribs specially positioned where it will make a difference for her. Her Sensation ribbed condoms have a silky smooth lubricant and a pleasant berry scent that enhances the intimacy unlike the latex smell of standard condoms.

  11. Beyond Seven Studded
  12. 45 rows of textured dots, 1350 in all. Thin, strong and silky soft, these lightly lubricated condoms are made of a latex called Sheerlon, an advanced material so strong and durable, it can be made much thinner than an ordinary latex rubber condom. Beyond seven has a slightly narrower shape and a light blue tint and are said to produce the most sensitive condoms in the market.

  13. High Sensation
  14. Combine ultra thin latex with added texture for a one of a kind experience. Durex High Sensation features raised ribs throughout its entire length.

  15. Vibra Ribbed
  16. Covered from head to toe in vibrant ribs, the LifeStyles Vibra-Ribbed was the original ribbed condom designed to provide maximum sensation for a man and a woman.

  17. Intense Sensation
  18. These condoms are studded with texture for extreme pleasure. With hundreds of raised studs, Durex Intense Sensation are sure to add intense excitement and sensation.

  19. Type E
  20. This lubricated condom gives greater sensation and stimulation to both because the form fitting design has row upon row of textured ‘Sensi-Dots’ and ribs for extra sensation. Although 20% thinner than standard condoms, Kimono Type E far exceed both FDA and tougher international specifications for quality and reliability.

  21. Shared
  22. Trojan Shared Sensation has alternating rows of raised bumps and ridges for her and a flared design that’s roomy at the tip for him.

  23. Pleasure Plus
  24. The Pleasure Plus condom has a large, loose pouch of additional ribbed latex, positioned near the head and underside of the condom. During sex, the extra latex slides back and forth against the very sensitive underside of the penis. This is the key to the Pleasure Plus condoms. The moving latex restores the stimulation essential to sexual pleasure for both men and women!

  25. Inspiral
  26. The Inspiral condom creates a springy action unlike any other condom on the market. The Inspiral condom’s unique twisting shape creates stimulation in sensitive nerve endings actually making the condom feel thinner than it really is.

  27. Twisted Pleasure
  28. The Twisted Pleasure has a special twist at the closed end, to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas. With it’s unique patented shape, the Twisted Pleasure is designed for mutual pleasure.

  29. X-tra Pleasure
  30. X-tra Pleasure with its new innovative design, features a dramatic bulb-like shape at the head which allows nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, producing significantly more pleasure.

  31. Supra
  32. Trojan Supra condoms are made from a Medical-grade advanced material called Microsheer. Supra condoms are ultra thin, strong and invisibly clear. Compatible with both water based and oil based lubricants, Supra polyurethane condoms have no latex allergens, and they transmit body heat unlike latex.

  33. Performax
  34. The name says it all. Manufactured with a special climax control lubricant, Durex Performax condoms help prolong male sexual performance while maintaining sensation for both parties.

  35. Her Pleasure
  36. The perfect combination of the long bulb shaped head and the raised treads on the shaft were designed with the woman in mind. Trojan’s Her Pleasure has a loose fitting head and with all the extra latex moving around makes for extra stimulation for him as well as her. Trojan Her Pleasure condoms are lubricated and feature a reservoir tip for added security against breakage.

  37. Microthin
  38. Sheer strength, sheer pleasure, Kimono microthin condoms are 38% thinner and crafted to exacting standards of quality, these form fitting Kimono condoms have earned the super-thin crown.

  39. Night Light
  40. Your very own light sabers. Night Light glow in the dark condoms are manufactured to the same standards as typical condoms, and provide the same protection and safety as typical condoms. They’re just much more fun.

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86 thoughts on “Top 20 Best Condom Types To Buy And Use”

  1. you all are pretty lucky… my penis actually goes up inside of me and hangs a little to the right. is there anything for a guy like me out there?! life is so unfair

  2. Very good page… I just purchased “The Condoms Express Sample Pack” I can not wait to use each one of them…. 50 yeah.

    “The Condoms Express Sample Pack”
    Here is the description “contains 50 assorted condoms from our collection. Each pack is different with a wide range of brands and designs. If you are undecided on which condom is right for you than this sample pack will certainly help you choose the right one!.”

  3. The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around, documented in the early twentieth century by Dr. Robert L. Dickinson.

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    Chuck Roast you’d better go beat that now with your 6 incher

  4. hey i have a 8 inch penis, which condom would work best for me? idk what width is but its pretty thick, which should i use?

    (age- 16)

  5. My husband I use condoms for birth control. Let’s just say that my husband is not a big fan of condoms. I was at the drug store and saw the inspiral condom and decided to buy a box to see if it would make a difference for my husband. He loves it! The best part is it! To my surprise it was very pleasurable for me also.

  6. I am Mr. nagaraj , having penis size 4.5”-length and
    1.5”- round so when erected fully,
    which condom is better and safe.I will be very thanful to u if u mail to me correctly.

  7. Hello there, me and my wife had sex using his n hers it was pleasurable in the toilet on the planes toilet. We coudn’t resist opening it on the plane back off holiday in America and I hope to be having sex tonight and really can’t wait! Thank you so so much for inventing this! Bill Bob xxxx

  8. hey you guys im 16 and when me and my boyfriend have sex we usually use flavored condoms but now we use night light when he sneaks in through the window..its so fun to be in the dark and seeing his cock glowing but now we have to change to a magnum condom because our regular condoms are too little dat shows dat im making him get larger and thicker im his cock medicine lol :)….. peace cuz got to open my window so i can get sum s.e.x.

  9. …….My boyfriend and I are hopefully going to be having sex for the first time soon, and….he’s about 8inches long and about an inch and a half thickness….. I want to suprise him with condoms to show him I’m ready. Which ones should I buy for him? Size? Pleasure? Help please.

  10. (18yrold Virgin) If want him to experience as much pleasure as possible, go for condoms under ‘ultra thin’ category.

  11. Well me and my boyfriend hate rubbers..absolutely hate them..he likes the natural feeling without the condom..we dont want to get pregnant rite away.. he is 8 inches 2 and a half around.. which would be a good condom for the both of us..???????

  12. hi, um, yeah, well i was wondering what one my bf should use since its my first time. we are both nervous. any feed back would be grate!!!

    i <3 jake

  13. For guys that are small, it does matter which ones you use. If they’re too wide, they can slip off, break or don’t move with your penis so it’s not pleasurable for the woman. There are condoms that are smaller to fit the smaller men, Lifestyle Snugger Fit Condoms. Using a condom that fits your penis well will increase the pleasure for both man and woman.

  14. You all weired
    To the 9 year old:
    Fer 1 you dont need a condom
    Fer 2 Your too young
    Fer 3 your toooo small js
    But cool website i guess
    I use TROJAN!!! lol ( :
    Bree ( ;

  15. I’ve always hated condoms. Most brands cut off my circulation and leave me deflated a bit… I have recently tried the Trojan Magnum Naked Sensations and I must say, for condom sex it is pretty damn good!!!

  16. i want a condom that would give me sensational feeling for stimulation and quick cumming to make me cum faster i just last too long and some of my partners complain at times.

    1. Any girl that doesn’t appreciate a guy who can last long during sex has some issues going on down there , more then 99% of all females want a guy who has high endurance bro. So your good to go

  17. That was a bunch. I have tried some of them, But I really need to try nr. 3.
    I’ve been doing online sexdating for a while now, and it is VERY IMPORTANT to use condoms. So those of you that don’t use them, be careful. Not just for yourself, but your future partner as wel.

  18. I love trojan ultra-ribbed and her pleasure. No matter what condom you use, especially if it’s your first time, use LUBE. It makes a world of difference. I can’t emphasize it enough.

  19. Please answer Azz,because I have the same problem of taking too long to come n my partner always tells I must remember I aint riding a horse @ the Kentucky Derby?????/

  20. hey,im somewhere between 6-7 in length and about 3-3.5 inches in diameter what size condoms should i use,i dont care much about my sensation but i want a condom that gives her a lot of sensation and hit the spot.what is the best one out of all of them

  21. wow man, great selection! :)
    However, most of these are of regular size, guys who are bigger or smaller than average should look their better fitting condom

  22. Hi ok so my boyfriends and mine first time is coming up soon he has a 10″ I’m not really sure the thickness but I was wondering which condom would be best for us

  23. My boyfriend has a big penis and I’m allergic to latex and we are trying find a condom that fits him and causes less pain for me. Please help.

  24. hi yeah so my boyfriend and i had sex for the first time last night , and we used hot / cold condoms , and honestly i think im allergic to them , or something but ive never had a problem with condoms before . . any better suggestions ?

    1. it’s normal if you feel like you are having an allergic reaction when you use a ‘hot’ condom. switch back to your regulars for more comfort.

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  26. hi….my boyfriend and i want to go for it, but im not sure on the size or thickness. i like the glow ones, and the ultra thin ones, and the twistin ones…but im not sure what to buy. and i need one to last the whole way through and not break on me in the middle of the moment. and whats your advice on K-Y for him and her? i wanted to get some for us to. and is there a condom for females? i was gonna try one for females as well.

  27. I’m roughly 7 inches big (bigger when fully erected) and 2 – 2.5 inches thick. I need a condom that will fit me and give her pleasure as well as last. Any suggestions?

  28. Hi, my name is Damien Grunill ive just become sexually active and im alil unsure of ur products and the best ways to use them and wats best for me. I was wondering if there is anything you can send out to me to help educate me on safer sex n to make sure I stay safe. You help would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Damien Grunill

  29. Condom’s are nice but never work for me. I am 9.75 inches long and a 2 inch girth. All they do is rip. And guys when that girl says you need to be bigger its a lie. Most women tell me its to big and it hurts. I have found very few that can take it all and I married one of the few.
    I feel sorry for the one who is 16″ on here. My buddy is 16″ but most ladies tell him no when he pulls down his pants. They don’t want to get hurt by him.

  30. I have used many condoms many condom bands before, for my suggestion;
    1. LifeStyle easy to buy in the market, but it is a bit expensive.
    2. Dulex this similar to LiftStyle as well.
    3. Soft Condoms, for a band you can buy only online, so the con is that it is hard to find in the market, but the price is cheaper than both bands above and it comes from medical expertise so 100% safe and well design.

    If you are looking for long-lasting in a bed then always Use a special condom that will reduce the amount of stimulation you get. This may make it take longer for you to climax. Avoid using condoms that are designed to increase your stimulation.

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