15 Uses Of Empty Beer Bottles

Do you drink beer? Lots of it? Or wine? Don’t know what to do with the empty bottles sitting at home? Celebrate, cause I have collected 15 ways to make use of your empty bottles sitting at home.

  1. Put in some flowers, and make it into a mini flower pot in your office. Space won’t be an issue.
  2. Put candle wax in it. Imagine the different colors of different bottles lighted all around the room.
  3. Write a message, put it in the bottle, stuff it with a cork and throw it to sea. Hope for a love adventure. =P
  4. When you feel angry, depressed, sad, stressed, suicidal or bitter, bring a dozen empty bottles to a private place of your own. Somewhere nobody goes to like a private beach spot, in the jungle or an empty car park will do. Find a spot by the sea, wall, tree or rock. Take 50 steps backward from the spot, hold a bottle in your hand, focus all the anger and hatred on the bottle, let it all out and with all your might, throw it. Hear and feel the satisfaction when it breaks. You’ll feel much better. =)
  5. When you have guests around, reuse the bigger beer bottles as pitchers. Strip the labels and chill it in the freezer. It will take up less ground space compared to normal sized pitchers.
  6. Give everyone a bottle to use as a makeshift rolling pin. Bake some bread together with friends and family. Strengthen some family bonds. Use it if you teach cooking.
  7. Bury the bottles neck down at varying depths to form a border around plants, trees, beds.
  8. Tired of your garden being filled with pots and flowers? DO something different like a bottle tree!
  9. Tired of bricks and stones? Make a bottle house!
  10. Use the really big ones as fish tank OR put smaller ones in your fish tank as decoration. Imagine colorful bottle among colorful fish.
  11. Make ginger beer for christmas or thanksgiving and give it away in bigger bottles to friends and family.
  12. Reuse them as chandeliers. This takes a bit of work. You may want to get an electrician to help out.
  13. put your stationaries in half bottles. Pens, pencil, ruler, stapler, scissors.
  14. Drinking glasses. Smooth the edges first, though. Ask your local hardware shop for the right type of sandpapers for it.
  15. If you have guest bathrooms, fill the empty bottles with shampoo, conditioner or liquid hand soap for that personal touch.

Cutting bottles

  • Dip a piece of common string in alcohol and squeeze dry, or as dry as it will get without dripping. This string should then be placed on the already marked glass and tied tight. Light the string and let it burn off. Immediately, while the glass is still hot, plunge it into cold water. Be sure the container of water is large enough to let the glass to completely submerge. Here’s the diy video on how to do it.
  • OR

  • You can get a bottle cutter for less than $60.
  • After that, smoothen rough edges with abrasive sandpaper. =)

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You can bury the bottles neck down among old brick pavers to make an interesting pathway. Bottles should be buried flush with or slightly lower than the surface of the pavers. This actually looks pretty cool :)

Dude! Please don’t smash your bottle anywhere! If you really feel the need to break something, feel the need to pick up the pieces when you are done!

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