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Famous Red Light Districts In The United States Of America

A red-light district is a neighborhood where prostitution is a common part of everyday life. It was discovered in the US at around the 1890s, and derives from the practice of placing a red light in the window to indicate to customers the nature of the business. This is based on the biblical story of Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho who aided the spies of Joshua and identified her house with a scarlet rope.

Below are some of the more well known red light districts across cities of the US.

  • Alaska

  • Anchorage
    Spenard Road

  • Arizona

  • Phoenix
    Van Buren Street
    Miracle Mile

  • California

  • El Centro
    Adams Avenue
    Los Angeles
    Sunset Boulevard – Hollywood
    Western Avenue – Hollywood
    San Fernando Valley
    Sepulveda Boulevard
    San Francisco

  • Colorado

  • Denver
    East Colfax Avenue

  • Florida

  • Orlando
    Orange Blossom Trail (OBT)

  • Georgia

  • Atlanta
    Metropolitan Parkway (formerly known as Stewart Avenue)
    River Street
    Warner Robins
    Front Street

  • Hawaii

  • Honolulu
    Hotel Street

  • Iowa

  • Council Bluffs
    South 24th Street

  • Louisiana

  • New Orleans
    Bourbon Street
    Baton Rouge
    Plank Road

  • Maryland

  • Baltimore
    The Block

  • Michigan

  • Detroit
    8 Mile Road
    Michigan Ave (Southwest Side)
    Grand Rapids
    Division Avenue

  • Minnesota

  • Minneapolis
    Washington & Central Avenue

  • Nebraska

  • Omaha
    Saint Marys Avenue/Leavenworth Street

  • Nevada

  • Reno
    Fourth Street

  • New York

  • New York City
    Hunts Point

  • Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma City
    South Robinson Avenue (between SE 29th and 44th Streets)

  • Texas

  • Dallas
    Harry Hines (Note: Way overpriced)
    Bissonnet and Beltway 8,US 59S(Southwest Freeway at Hillcroft),Montrose

  • Washington, DC

  • 13th-16th streets between L and M NW
    Vermont Avenue, NW

2 replies on “Famous Red Light Districts In The United States Of America”

>>Van Buren Street

Van Buren has been dead since at least around 2000. They started policing it heavily, closed a lot of the hourly no tell motels and built a bunch of high dollar apartments that are now filled with yuppies. Total gentrification in action.

So sorry but there are no more prostitutes on Van Buren.

^^^^ You are kinda right. But not so much.

Van Buren has been so-called “shut down” as far as street walkers go. It has not, times, appearance, and locations have changed to West VB. Soon after the food city, head south on on 33rd Ave. Make a U-Turn at Monroe, and park your car (if you dare). You won’t wait more then 10 minutes without see a few, or being approached. Here, anything goes. $40 Dolla Makes Ya Holla!

Now be aware. Three things will happen, you pay for sex with a decease infested meth trick working her debt off. You get jumped/car jacked and left in the southern suburb of Maryvale where not even a 911 dispatcher nor a flagged down police man will help you, or the police man who would rather let the wolves eat you alive then help you, takes you to jail for soliciting.

Happy hunting. A “safer” way of doing this, would be to get a private “dance” at Club Lace. More expensive, better looking girls, and it’s not like any strip club you’ve ever been to. Strait to business. No cops, no pimps, no drugs, no problems. Just don’t pay for a girl you don’t like, be a man and say NEXT. Plus it’s just a few miles north.

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