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15 Awesome Places You Will Want To Have Your Wedding At

That is my cousin Chris with his just-married-wife Anna at their wedding ceremony about 2 weeks ago. They newlyweds looked stunningly happy. I noticed that the church they had their wedding in looked classical. And then I thought about myself. About where I am going to have mine when my time comes. If it ever comes. =)

Anyways, I’m sure when you wed, you’d want to have a kick ass, memorable place to do it too. I searched and found many people asking about idea places to have a wedding at. Well, here are your answers for several of the common places found all over the world that you would want to have your wedding at.

  1. Seaside / Beach / Ocean Front Wedding
  2. Couples from all over the world exchanging vows on the white sugar sand beaches, with the emerald water and breath-taking sunsets as a backdrop. Escalate the excitement by having everyone go barefoot.

  3. Castle / Mansion Wedding
  4. Celebrities seem to have a thing with castles and mansions. One of the reasons lie in the magnitude of the place. All the rooms and halls are huge and can take thousands. I know there are lots and lots of castles in England, Scotland and Wales that make it as stunningly romantic venues for a wedding.

  5. Church Wedding
  6. Christians’ favourite wedding spot. It’s easier to organize, and the backdrop will never change be it stormy or sunshine.

  7. Poolside Wedding
  8. You can easily find a nice modern looking pool in any 5 star hotel near your city. If you could find a poolside by the ocean front, even better.

  9. Garden Wedding
  10. Sunrise brings out the best of garden weddings. It’s when the birds and bees are out and about.

  11. Ballroom Wedding
  12. It’s easier but it costs more. Guests will most certainly feel comfortable and grand as it is done in a ballroom.

  13. Park Wedding
  14. Ah.. the pond, the trees, the birds and a swing set.

  15. Lake Wedding
  16. Almost like the ocean front, only that instead of beaches, you’ll get mountains.

  17. Boat / Cruise / Ship Wedding
  18. The love boat. The difference is that you are moving. It feels like taking a journey.

  19. Lighthouse Wedding
  20. Something different. A wedding by the lighthouse brings about a historical, classical feeling.

  21. Waterfall Wedding
  22. Waterfall weddings rock! Get engulfed with the tranquility of nature surrounding it, especially the sound of the water falling.

  23. Bridge Wedding
  24. There are scenic bridges around but you have to put in some effort to search for them. It’s special, as it looks a bit like a fairytail affair. It signifies the ‘bridging’ of two people.

  25. Art Gallery Wedding
  26. Art galleries are posh places. Imagine your wedding event being adorned by astounding works of art.

  27. Fountain Wedding
  28. Imagine having fountains as a beautiful backdrop for weddings. It’s nice, serene and unique.

  29. Mountain Top Wedding
  30. Nothing else makes you feel more on top of the world than a wedding on a mountain top overlooking the valley or city.

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