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Peeing Standing Up For Women

When I was young, my mother used to teach me the way to use public toilets, especially the seats. She would teach me how to use several pieces of tissues to clean around the seat just so that I could crap comfortably. She was also clear to me that wiping toilet paper around the seat would not rid the bacteria and was told to squat on top of it and try not to touch my skin to any of the surface of the toilet bowl.

So I can imagine how difficult it is for a lady to do their stuff every time. It must be so frustrating when you’ve gotta unload when you’re driving and there’s no toilet in sight for another half an hour. The thought of having to squat and unload among the bushes sure is unhygienic and risky.

Well, what a relief it must be for women who use this product called the P-Mate. It sure is amazing when a woman is able to pee standing up. P-Mate is shaped like a shoe with a hole at the toes. The entrance is placed between the legs, under the urethra with the toe hole facing out. That’s it! Quick and easy. Great stuff from Holland.

Female Freedom
The freedom to pee standing up

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Thanks, Mooncat…are you a grad as well? I’ve been to the site and am seriously thinking about forking out the cash. I read on another board that it’s taught by some good looking guy who makes mega-bucks! You can message me.


I am 45 years old and anything I need to know about my body mechanics, I have figured out. Pay someone online to teach you to pee 3 ft?? That is too funny. How is “some good looking guy”, or any guy for that matter, or any woman come to think of it… going to teach a woman to project her pee?
I’m considering my own tutorial website, the possibilities are endless! LOL

Well, ACnOZ, I paid – actually my group of friends paid because it works. While you’re waiting in line or popping a squat, we’ll be using a urinal or making a pretty arc. Old people are so bitter! Check it out girls, it is for real!


You girls who can do it standing, and who are reasonable enough to have considered learning it to start with, get major respect from me.

I’m always irritated by the arbitrary social convention that tries to DEMAND that women pee sitting and men pee standing.

By the way, I’m a guy who pees sitting, merely out of choice and long-standing habit. That’s obviously a major reason behind my irritation at said social convention, since it often causes men who sit to be stigmatized as un-masculine or some such crap. Saying standing women are un-feminine is stupid for basically the same reasons.

Again, to every girl who pees standing: GOOD FOR YOU! I applaud you. (No sarcasm, if that wasn’t clear.)

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