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Some Of The Annoying Things That Some Women Do

I would like to look at this at a fair point of view. I’m in no way sexist, but I’m just listing down some of my opinions about some of the women. Just a little list about common annoying things that SOME women do, not all but SOME. It may happen in relationships, friendships, housemates, among family members or even the workplace.

‘if you don’t know why I’m mad at you, I’m not going to tell you’

This is the mother of all threats, to men. It’s like asking an accountant to repair a computer. Men are not psychics. They can’t read minds. Believe me. It’s frustrating and annoying at the same time.

‘errr… no offense but my ex had nicer 6 packs’

Let the past be the past. Some men are fine with women talking to their ex, some are not. Depends on the guy. But all men don’t like to be compared. Maybe he had a hotter body and richer than average, but are no longer together with him right?

‘do you think i look nice in this pair?’

DO not pose this question to men. Most men have less than 10 pair of shoes. How will they know if the shoes are nice? I have been asked by lady friends before to pick one shoe from the shop that I think looks nice. Truth is, I can’t. I just don’t know. I only have 5 pairs. Believe me, all guys are the same. Sometimes, men say and do things to avoid a commotion.

the case of the needy

Some women have security issues. NOT ALL, but some. Men who love their women will always be there to support them mentally, morally and emotionally. Though it may seem like an advantage, men who are in this situation would prefer to retain some peace of mind.

in the workplace

In the corporate world, gossip and competitiveness may get out of hand.

bossy and naggy

This may happen at home or in the office. If you get a lady superior that is bossy or naggy, you gotta switch. This may also happen in friendships and relationships.

jealous and back stabbing

Some ladies do that to their own friends. Some may overreact and get jealous easily over their men. I’ve heard some of the things my lady friends say when they think other girls are hitting on their boyfriends or husbands. Sometimes, I feel it’s a bit unnecessary.

the amount of toiletries

Loofahs, potpourri and peppermint foot scrub exfoliant spiked with Shea butter are some of the things that you will find in the bathroom.

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Why would toiletries be annoying? These things help us stay soft&smooth, smell nice, etc…and last time I checked, men like that in a woman.
I guess if she has too much clutter taking up the bathroom counter space, it could get annoying…. I keep my things in the cabinet and have never had a complaint about all of my toiletries. I buy more than may seem necessary because I like to try new products.
New is good. Something as small as a new lipstick makes me feel good. It’s not vanity in my case, rather a reward. I work 50 hours a week and nurture, clean, cook, shop for the household and manage quality time with my family. I deserve a reward!

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