How To Do Your Own Car Review

My father just told me that he had a new car in mind. I was thinking… ‘wow.. a new car huh… it’d be cool to drive around in it with a couple of girls in the backseat.. haha..’. He told me he had Ford and Nissan in mind. I was thinking, why Ford? Nissan? Isn’t Honda or Toyota the better choice? He was like saying how cool Ford is… or how tough the engine was.. bla bla bla.. But I didn’t dare counter his choices because I didn’t have the facts in mind. So after a few searches here and there, I found 3 websites that could help people make a better choice by comparing properly

  1. Check out a website that has the price list of your local cars.
  2. Thank me, I found this super cool and complete website that has the latest price list in $ currency for all car makes from Acura to Volvo. Of course we all have our budgets and would like to have the best value for money car. So I gave myself a budget of less than $US 30,000. So I chose to check out 4 cars of different makes within the range All of them are the 2007 models of :

    • Toyota Camry ($18,000 to $20,000)
    • Honda Civic ($15,000 – $25,000)
    • Ford Focus ($13,000 – $18,000)
    • Nissan Sentra ($14,000 – $19,000)

    Malaysians, check out Star-Motoring.

  3. Use a metric conversion website to translate between mpg (miles per gallon) and km/l (kilometers per litre)
  4. Here’s an excellent website that converts km/l to mpg. Not all countries count their fuel by gallons. Some such as Malaysia counts by liters and kilometers. So it is important to get the proper metric conversion to get accurate calculations for comparisons.

  5. Compare every aspect
  6. is a brilliant website for comparing cars side by side. Here, I have compared the example 4 cars mentioned, side by side. I get to check the fuel efficiency for city and highway driving, average user submitted mpg, tank size, how far can a full tank bring me, up to the annual petroleum consumption by barrels. ~fuh.. you gotta check it out.

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