You Don’t Have To Be Genius To Find These 35 Store Names Funny

The people behind the store signs below either did intentionally or unintentionally. Either way, it’s funny! The funnier ones are of course names of asian restaurants. The owners should’ve done some homework before deciding on the name. It may cause a stiff stomach from laughing too much.

  1. They were normal, until they went for dry cleaning.

    Go Gay

  2. Bobby : Dude, let’s buy some tools to fix this thing. Know of any place?
    Dorian : Screw it, man!
    Bobby : Whoaw.. relax man.. it’s just tools.. no need for the harsh tone..

    Screw It

  3. It’s hard cause it’s so cold

    Stiff Nipples

  4. A clever optometrist.

    Spex In The City

  5. Another smart optometrist.

    Spex Appeal

  6. I use S&M Trucking because I like to know that my package is properly bound down.

    S&M Trucking

  7. Watermelon flavored fried chicken. The combo includes a 40 and greens.

    Flavors of Negros

  8. Once you cum, you have to leave town. Everyone here’s a virgin.

    Tillicum village

  9. A college good enough.

    Goodenough College

  10. Encouraging safe sex after a meal.

    Cabbage and Condoms

  11. Me so hapi to eat here again.

    Miso Hapi.

  12. Bobby : Where you wanna eat tonight, man?
    Dorian : The Fu King Chinese Restaurant!
    Bobby : Whoaw.. relax dude.. what’s with the rage?

    Fu King Chinese Restaurant

  13. Tastes so good you’ll wanna swear.

    Ho Lee Chow Chain of Chinese food

  14. Waitress : Good afternoon to you! Welcome to Fuk Mi.

    Fuk Mi Sushi

  15. Bobby : Where you wanna eat tonight, man?
    Dorian : Fook Yue!
    Bobby : What?! Why?! What did I do?! It’s just a question man!

    Fook Yue Seafood

  16. Freshly squeezed…. Mmmm….


  17. Is it real?

    Pho Real

  18. Bubba! Come on, man. It’s not nice.

    Bubba’s Animal Rescue & BBQ

  19. This actually isn’t a bad idea.. a buffet with strippers!

    Nasty buffet

  20. Imagine moms waiting to give you a good deal.

    MILFS Ford

  21. Better here than the streets.

    Supermarket Of Hoes

  22. These surgeons enjoy multi tasking.

    Oral & Facial

  23. Are the rates reasonable?

    Pussy Cleaners

  24. It comes with clean and clear gardens.

    I’ve Got Hoes

  25. Doesn’t sound like family restaurant to me.


  26. I always wanted a son.


  27. An organization of specialist contractors.

    BJ Queen Enterprises

  28. Enough. Let’s go inside already.

    Labia Theater

  29. After Superwoman retired, she started a company.


  30. One of the coolest business name you can ever have.


  31. Another one of the coolest business name you can ever have.


  32. So good, you’ll poop!

    Poo Ping Palace

  33. A new service that costs 99 cents.

    New BJ

  34. They were not only long, they were pho kim long!

    Pho Kim Long

  35. Bobby : Where are your parents, man?
    Dorian : They’re at the Pho King Restaurant!
    Bobby : You could use some anger management, dude.

    Pho King Restaurant

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