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6 Common Emotions And Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are facial muscles moving to show the result of our feelings. It is a natural way for us to convey social information to one another. Of course we can control our facial expressions by acting but because of the close connection with emotions, it is often shown involuntarily. It’s nearly impossible for me to laugh happily when I am feeling afraid. Let’s say I got annoyed and pissed off by this girl. However, I want to refrain from saying regrettable things. I will nevertheless show a brief expression of disgust before being able to continue preserving my cool.

Below 7 of the most easily identifiable facial expressions besides frowning, pouting, sneering and snarling. Being able to read them well and react properly will help improve situations.

  1. Anger
  2. The face above is a response to threats like conflict, injustice, negligence, humiliation or betrayal. It’s normal to feel angry at times cause our brains have this thing called the amygdala (sounds like Star Wars’ Queen Amidala) which is responsible for identifying threats, and for sending out an alarm when threats are identified. So, the only thing that cans top anger is wisdom. Not one including my parents, friends or mentor can stop me from feeling angry except me and myself. The restructuring of my thoughts and beliefs will help me to bring about a causal reduction in anger. Here’s a brilliant ten step program for anger management that I wrote under ‘Wrath. An angry face is repelling, and no one feels like helping an angry person.

  3. Fear
  4. Fear on the other hand is a powerful, unpleasant feeling of risk or danger, either real or imagined. A person feeling fear will have blood rushing to big muscles (like legs) to allow the person to run faster. Also the body freezes up just an instant to give the brain an instance to decide if another reaction would be better (like hiding). For example, I have this phobia on cockroaches. When ever I see one crawling up the sink, I will instantly pull my mother from whatever she is doing to my bathroom to settle the cockroach. I’ll just have to say,’Mom, please come up for awhile’ and by just looking at my facial expression, she knows. =P As humans, we can sense a lie from fear in the facial expression and words.

  5. Happiness
  6. Feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction. Happiness is the result of well-being, delight, health, safety, contentment, and love. This is the result of self-reported positive affects during the day by 909 employed women in Entrez Pubmed’s Survey. If being with friends make you happy, be with them more. The facial expression of happiness is the most attractive among all and it should happen as often as possible.

  7. Sadness
  8. The opposite of happiness. Depression is defined as the deeper and longer version of sadness. It is a result of feeling hopeless and discouraged. Major examples are a change of residence, marriage, divorce, the break-up of a significant relationship, the death of a loved one, graduation, or job loss. Just like anger, only we can stop ourselves from feeling sad. Like for example, when I broke up with my first love, I was pretty sad. Everyday when I look up at the sky, it felt dark and cloudy. I was lonely, desperate and moody. Not even time could help. Not long after that I went to cousin’s party and my uncle saw my facial expression and asked me. I told him what happened and he told me 3 things that made me think hard. He said, ‘Relax, Chris. People never change, people only grow. And no matter what, no matter what, the sun will always rise tomorrow’. It took away my worries and I grew up. =)

  9. Surprise
  10. Surprise is a feeling of shock due to something perceived as unexpected. I recently saw a lot of this expression in my friends and relatives’ faces after not seeing me for some time. Why? Cause I was working out regularly at the local gym and loss weight. It’s actually complimenting for me. It’s happiness on my side. =P When your partner tell you that she is pregnant, that will be a hell of a surprise on your face. When you find out that your partner is cheating on you, that will also be a hell of a surprise. When you find out that you’ve finally made it to the job of your dreams, imagine the look of your face. =) It usually results in either a positively or negatively obvious facial reaction.

  11. Disgust
  12. Disgust is a type of aversion that involves withdrawing from a person or object with strong expressions of revulsion whether real or pretended. It is one of the basic emotions and is typically associated with things that are regarded as unclean, inedible, infectious, gory or otherwise offensive.

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