A Way To Not Forget To Do The Things You Need To Do

It’s kind of hard to keep track of ALL the things we need to do. I forget to do many things, all the time. These include repeated responsibilities like household chores, personal resolutions and planned activities.

The top 10 things that I forget most often are :

  1. Birthdays before it’s too late
  2. Washing, hanging and keeping my clothes before I sleep
  3. Close the windows downstairs before going to sleep
  4. Wash the dishes after I go out
  5. Clean the air cond filter monthly
  6. Daily deadlines for writing posts
  7. Where I left my glasses, wallet, watch, phone
  8. Feed my dog
  9. Draw money from the ATM when I’m out
  10. Forgetting to buy out of stock toiletries until I need to use it again


Thanks to, I can now set up reminders or as they call it ‘hassles’, to send to myself in the form of an email on intervals specified by me. This simple application is useful to people who read their mails everyday, like me. All that an user need to do to get things rolling is approve the confirmation email that is sent. You can even choose to have the ‘hassle’ publicly visible to other users who might find it useful. It might get listed in the popular hassles section.


I’ll be waiting for them to implement the application through instant messengers like Yahoo!, MSN and GTalk. Other notable future features include being more time specific, like in hours, days, weeks and months. However, their current daily reminder is already enough for me to get more things done.

Sometimes in life, you just need to be nagged

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