How to Make Friends Easily

I am the kind of person who sticks to his buddies all the time. My job does not require me to meet clients and I usually stay at home. I remember back in first year in uni, when I first met my 11 housemates, I was like in a different world with complete strangers. Later on I realized that my housemates felt the same way too. Well, we have been great buddies since then. Though we have our differences and we argue on occasions, we get along well. What was the thing that made us into friends?


Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It simply means that a decision was made to look beyond the imperfections. Below are elaborated points of how to accept and be accepted. It’s more of how to make friends easily.

  • Don’t criticize, complain or condemn
  • Harry was my housemate who would take at least 45 minutes to take a shower. Neither my housemates nor I know what in the world he does in the toilet. During days when almost 12 of us have morning classes, we would wake up at the same time to eat and bathe. I wanted to tell Harry off for his inconsiderateness for taking up the time that could be used for others to get ready in time for class. I realized that it would be to no avail to complain and instead told him nicely about the delays he caused us during days where we need to use the toilet at almost the same time. Soon enough, we could see him waking up much earlier in the morning so that he could enjoy his shower and we could have enough time for ourselves to prepare for class.

  • Give honest, kind opinions
  • A year later, 6 of my housemates and I decided to move to another house. However, the house could only take 6 people. Someone was bound to be left out. Terence was sort of the cast out one because he had things to do and couldn’t move in until 4 months later. Terence was trying to point out that the kitchen could be made into a room and someone could stay there. He was trying hard to be accepted into the house, to the extent of offering a washing machine out of his own expense, just to get a spot. However, I told him nicely that no one would want stay in the kitchen. I told him that he would not stay there either, and he couldn’t afford a washing machine. We all knew that his words were empty promises and he accepted the fact in the end.

  • Make dreams come true
  • Mandy was a person who had soul. People close to her knows that she would one day want to learn to play the bass guitar. So during her birthday, more than 30 people contributed to her brand new bass guitar. She was elated and so lost in words that she almost cried. Happiness is what happens to us when we try to make someone else happy. I believe that every time she holds the guitar, she would think of her friends.

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    I couldn’t agree with you more. I had my fair share of experience with someone like Harry and Terrence.. In fact, i was a little bit like Harry last time. Thanks to all my thoughtful housemates, We survived without much troubles (no punching in the face).

    Here’s my story..

    Being an ardent bather and a clean freak myself (in fact, my friends called me master bather), i tend to shower alot in my uni days.. i just can’t stand being dirty and all.. every morning, i’ll take my sweet time cleaning every inches of my body.. i was too obsessed with this that i don’t realized the inconvenience experienced by my other housemates..

    Then one day, one of my housemates told me nicely that i should be considerate bout the toilet usage as there are others who wants to use it.. Immediately i was enlightened by his words and changed immediately.. all because of his kindness.. imagine if he had told me off harsely.. things might not be same again..

    To me, patience and care are 2 main ingredients of a good friendship.. without that everything crumbles.. :)

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