Top 10 Household Pets To Own

A pet is an animal that is very beneficial to its owner. There’s even now a type of treatment called pet therapy. I myself have a pet dog and since having it, many things in my household have changed for the better. Below are 3 things why owning a pet will positively affect your life.

Firstly, a pet like any other animal needs to eat and shit. They have a daily schedule that needs to be attended to. Like for example, my pet dog eats 2 meals a day, once in the morning and once in the night. He gets his shower on Saturdays. So, caring for a pet actually encourages nurturance, responsibility and adherence to a daily schedule. This is especially a solid reason for you to convince your parent to get that pet you’ve been wanting.

Secondly, pets improve a person’s mood. No matter how angry, sad or stressed out you may be, spending time with your pet will put your focus and attention on it. There are actually 2 things that can suddenly improve your mood. One is a pet and the other is a baby. In this case, adopting a pet is easily more attainable than a baby.

Lastly, the third reason why you should own a pet is for accompaniment. This is especially beneficial to the elderly. Pets make you feel accepted every time. For example, my pet dog is usually left hanging around alone in the compound of my house. Even if you leave him alone the whole day, he will still come and lick me whenever I’m around. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. Pets are also good listeners. Sharing your burden with it helps to alleviate your mind and put you at peace.

Below is a list of the top 10 pets that are adoptable. If you are still petless, you may want to consider adopting one of the below.

  1. Dogs
  2. The man’s best friend is a highly social animal. They are trainable and playful at the same time. The loyalty and devotion that dogs demonstrate as part of their natural instincts as pack animals closely mimics the human idea of love and friendship which leads many dog owners to view their pets as full-fledged family members. The eagerness to please and worshiping their owners in return for a little food and attention alone is enough be included as a family member.

  3. Cats
  4. Cats are vain, fastidious and proud domestic animals. Having a cat curled up on your lap hits you with a sense of calm. A cat does as it pleases and it is actually an honor when you are chosen as a cat’s friend. More often than not, cats express affection to their owners only if they are already in its memory at a very young age and are treated with consistent affection.

  5. Ferrets
  6. Ferrets are energetic, curious, interested in their surroundings, and have an endearing behaviour to seek to play with humans. Ferrets sleep for 16 hours day and are usually most active during dusk and dawn. However, they are very active when awake and will seek to be released from their cage to exercise and satisfy their abundant curiosity daily.

    Due to their nesting instinct, ferrets enjoy carrying small objects to hidden locations. They also like to play tug of war with toys or stuffed animals and explore holes, pipes and enclosed areas.

  7. Hamsters / Gerbils / Guinea Pigs
  8. Hamster – Bites and you need to work with them in order for this to stop. Hamsters prefer to be alone. These are more fun to watch playing in tubes and fancy cages.

    Gerbil – Incredibly sweet but nippy at the beginning. They are great fun to watch chew up cardboard but will also chew any plastic they can get their teeth on. A mini theme park cage is a no-no. Tubes can easily become escape pods. They like attention from you and will stand up when you come around. They also enjoy coming out of their cage for some supervised time out on the couch. Oh, and they breed by the thousands!

    Guinea Pig – Loving, needs and loves attention from you. Cute, friendly and easy to hold. They are bigger than hamsters and gerbils and that makes them easier to cuddle with. They are quite noisy when they want to be and they do tend to smell a bit. If I had to choose between these 3, I’d go for guinea pigs.

  9. Tortoise / Terrapins
  10. Terrapin – Found in most home tanks. They live mainly on land but need water to wet themselves with. They are both carnivorous and vegetarian, eating small fishes, water weeds and algae.

    Tortoise – A land creature that is strictly vegetarian and hibernates through winter. Common tortoise species like the tropical tortoise does not hibernate. They make good garden pets as they eat up the weeds.

  11. Fish
  12. It’s most suitable for pet-loving people who don’t have enough time or money for a more interactive pet like a cat or dog. They are relatively easier to care for. Fish are colourful, intriguing and brings about a soothing presence in the room. Why do you think there is usually a fish tank in dentist offices?

  13. Rabbits
  14. While they are certainly easier to manage than dogs, they still require some attention. As they nib a lot, you may need to protect electric cords with casings or they may get fried. They require exercise to refrain from depression. An owner should be willing to pamper the rabbit with petting and play.

  15. Parakeets
  16. Parakeets are usually most active at dawn and dusk and their sweet voices are usually heard during those times. If they are kept in an aviary, these are the times they usually fly. During other parts of the day they remain relatively sedentary. They may also give a sharp high-pitched alarm call if they are startled, and also twitter cutely when they eat. Caring for a parakeet is easy.

  17. Sugar Gliders
  18. They are small, relatively easy to care for, and have a cute appearance. They make very good social, playful and entertaining pets. Sugar gliders are fairly clean, healthy and can live up to 14 years. However, their nails are sharp and require trimming. It may be a little painful when they land on you. All sugar gliders require a proper diet or they may face a potential problem stemming from a phosphorus / calcium imbalance.

  19. Ground Squirrels
  20. These cute and furry animals are inquisitive and very intelligent. Though they require a great deal of attention, they are relatively easy to domesticate and seem to enjoy being around humans. Ground squirrels are highly social pets. As they are susceptible to internal and external parasites, they have to visit the vet regularly. Do check whether if it is legal to own one in your state first before considering one.

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not ALL hamsters bite

really only the large, golden hamsters do

get a dwarf hamster, they are calm and kid-friendly
but speedy little demons

and the picture of the gerbil is actually a roborovksi dwarf hamster
i recognize the distinct white “eye-brows”

Nice choices! And very cute pictures!

I just wanted to note that terrapins are aquatic turtles, they actually live in the water, but come up for air and just need a place to bask under a UVA/UVB lamp. They love to swim and need lots of room, so a rectangular aquarium is best for them, and be prepared for them to grow. :)

I have 2 Red-eared Sliders (the same species of turtles in your picture!), I actually caught them in a canal in Louisiana (very common there). They are so very cute! they’ve grown much bigger than the babies shown in the picture, they’re 2 years old now. It’s therapeutic to watch them, and they do the funniest things! I love when they stack on top one another to be closest to the lamp, they look like acrobats.

Their maintenance is fairly simple, but set-up of their environment is very important, and can be tricky if you’re new to it. This is a website that I visit regularly on Red-eared Sliders specifically:

Oh, and one that should have at least honorable mention on the list is the Toucan. If you want a quiet, non-biting, hypo-allergenic pet, you should DEFINITELY look into getting one. Here’s a website to look at.

My pet hamster that i bought from a pet store never bit anyone in her whole life shes the sweetest little thing

I really think the squirrel and the sugar glider looks like fun, i want a pet that has lots of energy so it can play with me alot. but ido have a question. do sugar gliders respond to their name? and do squirrels?

Yes Sugar Gliders will come when called if you get them and work with them when they are young. I had a baby girl name sky and i would put her on the ground and she would follow me till she caught up to me and then shed jump up and climb into my sweatshirt or behind my neck…. or i would put her on top of a door and call her and she would glide to me… it was super cute. we got her when she was about 11 weeks old so if you get one that age and play with them a lot they will become very attached to you and will cling to you where ever you go…. I’ve even brought Sky into a couple broadway plays and she was perfect until there was one scene that had a lot of yelling so she started to chatter but quickly calmed down when she felt my hand…. she hates yelling hahaha

My daddy bought me the cutest little bunny for last christmas (female;holland lop). im am 11 and im such a rabbit luver, plus i stayed up ALL night just to learn about rabbits and bunnies(in case i ever had a rabbit <3) adopt a bunny, they are adorable cute cuddly and fun. plus its not hard to find a cage or a pen to bring home :3 especailly if you are an inactive pet owner or you need to go away for while. they really dont need THAT much attention, and just fill extra food and water in their bowls(or whatever they drink from).plus, you dont need to dress them in winter, cuz rabbits CAN survive in snow. and you dont need to give them a daily walk. i know this comment is a little long, but i cant help it, hehe.

This is how I got a cat:
Spend your free time learning about them.
Make a small speech about why you want a PET.
Then make some posters about cats.
P.S. You should make a list of places to buy cats, and if you are allergic get a hypoallergenic cat (Russian Blue, Abbyssinian, Sphinx etc.)

I used to own a dwarf hamster untill it died =( they are brilliant pets. they only bite if they see someone they dont know so if you play with them lots theyre brilliant, cuddly, cute little furballs.
Also though, i really want to get a budgie so i can teach it how to say a few things. But im not really sure if all budgies can talk. also, if it is hard to teach them, if budgies are happy in their cages and if they poo everywhere. Can you help me please? Thank you.

Just wanted to note that the pictured bird in the “Parakeet” section isn’t a parakeet – it’s a Mitred Conure. :)

I expect that by parakeet you mean budgerigars (also known as budgies). In the US, budgies are often referred to as parakeets, but a “parakeet” is actually referring to various small birds with long, flat tails.

Mitred Conures are definitely not easy to care for, and neither are many parrot types (including some parakeets), so I hope you’ll be able to correct the error soon. :)

I have a LOVELY little budgie called cherrio he is the sweetest thing ever

Unfortunately I havenā€™t got him to talk yet…but he is still AMAZING šŸ˜‰

I’d like to reply to a previous comment about rabbits as pets.
Rabbits are very sensitive animals. They need to be groomed weekly due to their inability to produce hairballs and should be fed in proportion with weight, age, etc. If you want to consider adopting a rabbit, be prepared to make some major changes in your lifestyle. You first need to rabbit-proof your home by taping up furniture to prevent chewing and remove all pesticides from the home that could harm your bunny. No more loud music! And hiding those electrical cords wouldn’t be a bad idea. Don’t get upset if the rabbit decides to snack on your cords or chair legs- it’s in their nature to chew and chewing is necessary to prevent serious issues caused by overgrown teeth, so you should give them wood to chew as long as it isn’t pine or cedar. (Aspen is preferred.) They also have extremely sensitive digestive systems, so watch out for plants and foods that could poison your rabbit or cause other internal damages. To a young child or teenager, a rabbit may seem like a toy or the perfect playmate that snuggles and eats cupcakes with you and sleeps in your bed without any issue or complaint, but rabbits should be cared for by responsible older children or adults. I’d advise you to pick up a copy of “Rabbits for Dummies” and make sure the child has read it front to back and back to front before leaving a rabbit in his or her care. you should also know that domesticated rabbits cannot simply be released into the wild after the shine of the new playmate is gone; domesticated bunnies rely on the care of a human ninety-nine point nine percent of the time. They love your attention and can’t be caged all day and left alone to sulk. They actually are moderate to high maintenance. They can make great pets though, granted you have experience in the field of animal care.

I really want a sugar glider I think they are very cute do they like car rides? And are. They good pets? I can not find a website or someone with the answer every website and person says something different. I dont know i think they are good pets I just don’t like the fact that they crab and bark all night HELP I need a answer LOL. XD

Usually 3 per animal type.

For example, the maximum number of dogs is 3.

The same goes for cats.

Hamsters do not prefer to be alone. Roborovski dwarfs prefer to be left alone slightly more, but all hamsters need attention, especially Syrians. I have a Syrian and he is the most loving creature in the whole world and he has never bitten anyone. In fact none of my hamsters have ever bitten. Plus, they need large cages (not the ridiculously tiny tubed ones) and all tubes isn’t a good idea. They still need hides and different levels and everything

look I know there is a lot of cute pets on here but I think a Falabella should be thrown in there somewhere. now if anyone doesn’t know what a Falabella is, it is a miniature horse and it is adorable and CAN be kept in the house.

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