10 Ways To Keep Your Friendship Strong

I have made lots of good friends in my life journey of 24 years so far. Though there were bad times, there were good ones. I believe that friends are the ones who will follow us through life. Like how we only share most of our secrets with our friends and not our parents. You can’t divorce a friend. So friends are forever. Really. Below, I’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to keep friendships strong.

  1. Differences in family background
  2. This is where peer pressure comes in. I learned that in wherever I go to, there will always be someone better, richer, smarter, and better looking than me. No matter what, there will always be a difference between 2 people. True friends will accept each other for who they are. Like for example, I have never been to Kenny’s (not the real name) house before. Kenny is also sort of sensitive whenever talks of visiting him in his house crops up. Well, whatever the reason was, I respected his choice of keeping it a secret and never mentioned it. We have been friends for 8 years now.

  3. Do unto others what you want other to do unto you
  4. The golden rule. Applies to anyone anywhere everytime. Talk to them when they need you. Listen to their problems and try to solve it together. Give them space to go on dates. Don’t expect to hang out every weekend during game days. I’m sure I’d like the space to go on dates myself.

  5. Admit it and apologize
  6. Friends will ALWAYS forgive you, no matter what. ALWAYS. I got into a huge argument over a pesky thing with Sam once and we didn’t communicate for awhile. I boycotted Nicholas when I felt pissed with his selfish character. I shared Jack’s secret with the others and he was pissed but didn’t know who spilled it. All in all, I admitted my wrong and apologized. Though it was hard on my ego, I still did it. It felt better afterwards.

  7. Let go
  8. Move on. You have to let go. Or else you will be living in the residual of the past. That was what you were, not what you are. So don’t make the mistake of making who you will be into who you were.

  9. Compliment them in front of others
  10. It feels good to be complimented. Do it only when you have real compliments to give. If you think the new top looks like a garbage bag, keep it to yourself. Say only things you yourself would want to hear.

  11. Take vacations together
  12. Go to an island or beachfront somewhere. Somewhere away from the city and close to nature. The unfamiliarity of the place will keep you guys together. Going for outdoor activities like jungle trekking, snorkeling and sightseeing is healthy and low cost.

  13. Ditch work or responsibilities to play with them
  14. This can only happen once in awhile. Like when my friends from outstation come to my neighborhood for a holiday, I’ll usually make time for them. I’ll take them to go eat mind blowing food, go hang out by the beach, watch movies or just hang out by Starbucks. Friends will feel appreciated and you will be remembered for the hospitality and attention given.

  15. Give the benefit of the doubt
  16. Nicholas is bad tempered. He has a strong sense of controlling things and doesn’t stay in relationships long. For example, when he blames his ex for mistreating him, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him. The relationship is between him and her, so all I can do is just lend an ear and hope that things get better between them.

  17. Keep your promises
  18. There is a saying that I have up in my wall that goes, ‘A man is nothing in this world if he doesn’t keep his word’. Be like dark clouds. You’ll know that it will rain when you see thick, black clouds. It will improve trustworthiness and reliability between your friendships.

  19. Let them make their own decisions
  20. Keep your expectations low. Be prepared for answers either way. For example, I wanted to join Amazing Race and in my honest opinion, Benny will make the best partner. I believe that if we got chosen, chances are high that we could make it to the finals. He’s a tough, sportive and reasonable person. I asked but he didn’t want to. I wanted to, but didn’t push him to join me. I respected his choice and moved on.

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12 replies on “10 Ways To Keep Your Friendship Strong”

well i have broke my cocksics and i ent to be at school and ive been talking to my friend and she sed to meeeee what the point in uz being friends when u not gonna be here?
n i sed well the reason s is coz i like u soo much u have been the estest friend to meee!
n she sed well if u not gonna be here n i cant play wid ya then we are not bfttve.
i feel really sad do any ov u know what i shall do?

bfttve stands for best friends till the very end

p.s :( im very sad <3

my life is messing up from every where..i met mybest friend in class 3rd,we became good friend,swati was her name, then rati.(short form) came . we 3 were good friends…………after some years our friendship became more stronger…………then in 9th class i took computer and rena was with me …..swati and doro who were now in same class r good friend…my and swati r now best friend in name only……….. i have no topic to talk to then .i don’t know how i have become………..i have fight with brother , mother even father and i am not happy these days ………..i think it is because i speak less…………now rena, swati andrati r good friend but not me plz help me………………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..i need it

dear emma,
she have not understand the real meaning of friendship………..i know it feels very sad if a best friend is broken………….i feel sorry for u ……….i would help u but imyself is in troble……………………

hey, i wanted your opinion on regarding how can i make my friendship stronger……………like i have a friend xyz. she is a very good friend but some months ago she started to slowly come closer to other friends than me as unusual……she started to prefer some other friends over me. we were like best of friends but now we are just good friends. I guess it happened because i am not too expressive. Even if i love her very much i can hardly speak about it. And yah sometimes i use to make fun of her infront of others but just for fun not that i intentionally wanted to hurt her. And one more thing, she is also
like she gets easily carried off.She has a boyfriend who is my good friend but he is also closer to her new bestie. This could also be one of the reasons why she is not any more close to me now. I mean i want her to be my bestest friend again. Please could you help me on how i can be going about it??
thnks a ton.

(shiva) My advise is : get busy with life. Join a club where interaction is common. Make new friends. Get involved in sports, local charitable organizations, etc. Sometimes, we were meant to cross paths for a while before parting ways.

(seher) Sometimes, the best thing to do is let go (refer no.4 above). As like the advice given to shiva above, get busy with life.

I have been best friends with almost all the popular and not so popular kids in my grade in the past 8 years but right now almost all of my friendships are lost and I dont why, they just seemed to dissapear I was talking to them alot and everything. I feel lonley. Please give me some advice on how to fix this.

I have a best friend for almost 10 years now and I could say that our relationship is still going strong. There’s actually no secret to make your relationship stronger. We are just open to each other and we don’t know the word lie. :)

I have this amazing friend. We used to talka lot..but now we hardly talk. I trid my best to keep the conversation flowing, you know? And my attempts were futile. Does this mean he is avoiding me?

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