How To Talk To Telemarketers

Recently, I’ve been bugged by telemarketers of Celebrity Fitness, a local gym. I’m not sure how they got my number, but they got my number. Sometimes they don’t really understand the meaning of ‘not interested’. Other telemarketers are smart enough to start the conversation by announcing that I’ve just won a prize. It’s either a product or a holiday package. The requirement is usually my details or either I have to go collect the prize from their office.

Whatever it is, I realized the importance of my rights. I don’t want to give out my details only to find out that it’s been sold to other telemarketing firms. Here are 8 questions to ask if you smell something fishy going on.

  1. Identification

    • Are you calling to sell something? maybe a product or service?
    • Is this a telemarketing call?
  2. Get the details

    • Could you tell me your full name please?
    • And also your phone number?
    • What’s the name of the organization you’re calling for?
  3. Prevention

    • Does that organization keep a list of numbers it’s been asked not to call?
    • I would like my number(s) put on that list. Can you take care of that now?
    • And does the company you work for also make telemarketing calls for any other organizations? (If yes) Can you make sure your company won’t call me for any other organization?

All you need to do is just remember the 3 step process every time you get that call. Identify the nature of the call, get the telemarketer’s detail and prevent yourself from any other related junk calls. TRY to talk as nicely as you can. If you feel cheeky, you can always make things interesting by playing a prank.

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2 replies on “How To Talk To Telemarketers”

I feel sorry for telemarketers as they are also trying to make a living, albeit in an intrusive manner. Not many people can take a hundred rejections a day and not take it personally. I’ve never bought anything over the phone and don’t intend to. My advise is just say no in a polite but firm way. For the telemarketers, they should know they’re working in a high-tension zone so they should be prepared to take the rejections.

You are right, Mark. Sometimes the telemarketers get it, sometimes they wanna push for more.

Well, everyone does have their own limits. I believe that asking the above 8 questions nicely would paint a clearer picture about where you stand.

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