45 Similar Arab / Christian Names

Did you know that the bible and Qur’an contain a lot of similar names that are still being used worldwide today? Well, below are a collection of all that I can find around the web.

  1. Aaron / Harun
  2. Abel / Habil
  3. Abraham / Ibrahim
  4. Adam (pronounced eh-duhm) / Adam (pronounced ah-dumb)
  5. Adel / Habil
  6. Alexander / Iskandar
  7. Cain / Qabil
  8. Caleb / Kalab
  9. David / Daud
  10. Eber / Hud
  11. Elijah / Ilyas
  12. Elisha / al-Yasa
  13. Enoch / Idris
  14. Eve / Hawwa
  15. Ezekiel / Hisqul
  16. Ezra / Uzair
  17. Gabriel / Jibrail
  18. George / Jirjis
  19. Goliath / Jalut
  20. Isaac / Ishaq
  21. Isaiah / Shaya
  22. Ishmael / Ismail
  23. Jacob / Yaakob
  24. Jesus / Isa
  25. Jethro / Shoaib
  26. Job / Ayub
  27. John / Yahya
  28. Joseph / Yusuf
  29. Jonah / Yunus
  30. Joshua / Yusha
  31. Lot / Lut
  32. Mary / Miriam
  33. Moses / Musa
  34. Michael / Mikhal
  35. Nebuchadnezzar / Bukht Nassar
  36. Nimrod / Numrud
  37. Noah / Nuh
  38. Peter / Petra
  39. Rachel / Rahil
  40. Samuel / Shamwil
  41. Saul / Talut
  42. Seth / Shi
  43. Shelah / Saleh
  44. Solomon / Sulaiman
  45. Zechariah / Zakaria

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Arab/Christian names? Just for your information, this are all HEBREW names, that Christianity and Islam took from the Jews. So be fair enough to mention this. It is not sefficient just to write that those names came from the bable. Most of the names you have mentioned are used by Israelis or Jews around the world.

Not Hebrew. They are Aramaic, and other languages. Only few are. Ishmael ,for example, is the Hebrew form of the original Ismail. Idris is not Hebrew ,it is Arabic … etc.

It’s common names between Muslims, Christians and Jews … by the way what is Israel? Where is this country?

(1) Perhaps you do not know the story. Abraham had two sons: the older, Ishmael (with Hagar,) the younger, Isaac (with Sarah.) Moslems are decedents of Abraham through his firstborn son. It is inaccurate to say that the name of Ishmael’s father belongs only to Isaac and his decedents.

(2) Christians and Jews and Moslems all adhere to the same holy book, the source of these names. Jews call it the Torah, Moslems call it the Tawrat, Christians call it part of their “Old Testament.”

(3) Perhaps you were raised in a Jewish home and therefore believe that if you, a Jew, grew up with these names read to you and talked about, then the names must be Jewish. Moslems and Christians grew up the same way.

(4) Also, Christian names are names often given to babies during Christian baptisms, and derived from saints, i.e. St. David. (Saints are hold men and women written about in the Bible or who adhered to God’s teachings after the Bible was written.)

Relax, three monotheistic religions have similar names because they derive from each other. This claiming of names is pathetic in your part 🙄🙄 what is Israel? Is that supposed to be Palestine?

israeli girl

you are right that`s why we are all brothers.
i am an arab christian myself.
all these names came from the holy bible

No, man … she is not right. They hate Muslims and Christians. They hate Jesus. They killed him!! WTF?!!!

God created Adam, then Noah, then Abraham, them Moses, them Jesus, and lastly Mohammad. Jews do not like the idea that the last Prophet is not one from among them and he is an Arab, a rival nation! There is no rivalry in religion. I am Turkish, but believe in an Arabic religion! I also believe in Moses and Jesus, who are not Turks! This is no matter of nationality, as Jews claim! The mistake Jews make is that they wrongly believe that anyone must be Jewish to be a true prophet! Jews also consider themselves different from Nazis, but their acts are similar! Jews are racist, and this is what causes them to lose!

Your prophet wasn’t born of a vergin and didn’t live a sinless life…. angels didn’t come to 3 kings to tell them to find Jesus he is being born and to follow a certain star to find him….. your prophet had multiple wives, treated women like objects, killed Christians like mass Gennocide and says to kill people who do not believe in allah. He allows woman to marry a man and have to watch the man have other wives and y’all are taught it is okay……. I will not follow a prophet such as that…. I have researched and I read the verses right out the Quran. Y’all are supposed to be just like muhammad that explains the men that shave their heads and grow their beard bc Muhammad did so…. idk why anyone would want to follow this religion but the ones who don’t read the Quran themselves and interprets it 3rd hand instead of seeing for themselves. May god have mercy on your soul.

Torahbiblekoran – please have your facts correct. They are ignorant and you contradict yourself with them when you say there is no religious rivalry.

Israeli girl – you are right – many of these names are Hebrew in root.

Talking about Prophet Mohammed (pbuh),He is the last Prophet through which the almighty God has sent the same messages which he did earlier. There isn’t any difference.Having multiple wives was just giving an example to the world that women should be protected and there shouldn’t be made any difference. Not to exploit them, giving them the perfect honor and respect which they deserve be they from anywhere.Islam doesn’t teach violence at all. It truly teaches God’s word through different gestures. I being a Hindu girl by faith hailing from India, believe in the same.Please donot spread hate.

Look, who ever wrote this is no doubt a muslim. The name John is tanslated into Yohana by Arab Christians. Yahya is found in Quran. Sorry Charley…you lose

I think you might be mistaken. The Arabic translation for John is يوحنا. which has been transliterated into many different English spellings.
(When you want to convert words from a language which uses a different alphabet than your own, you must try to approximate the sound of that word using your own alphabet. This is called transliteration.)

By the way, just some FYI, there are many Christians who speak Arabic.

In their prayers and services, God is, of course, often mentioned. And, since they speak Arabic, they say the sound “Allah” when talking about their Christian God, as Allah is simply the literal Arabic translation for the name God, (the father of Abraham.)

I mention this because so many people I talk to believe that Allah is a separate god. In older movies, i.e. “Lawrence of Arabia,” they simply translated “Allah” into English. This avoided confusion. I have noticed that in all current movies and TV shows, they do not do this.

I am a christian but having a discussion with a Muslim about baby names.. and I was told that he would not want a son of him to have a name like Joshua.. but is alright for him to be named the arabic version of Abraham which is called Ibrahim. Can someone please tell me what the big issue is.. thanks

Shakespeare asked the same question—What’s in a name? Names often reflect identity, values, ties to ancestors, culture, who you “belong” to, who your people are. Or, in the case of Abraham v. Ibrahim, who they are not. For me, names without a heritage and family history attached to them are rootless, floating things. More and more babies are being given names of celebrities, or worse, given made up names because they sound pleasant.


The son of God , simply means most loved by God, we all call whom we love my son, sometimes..
However here’s the twist, Adam’s generation suffered from the banishment for the sins of the garden of Eden, the final penance for washing away that Sin was paid by the blood of Jesus, the lamb being seen as sinless,unstained yet slain ed for mankind. ..
Then the heavens were opened again and hades also.
That’s why many dead souls ressurrected from.the dead after Jesus died.

Islam is the religion who first exit on the earth planet.first man ADEM and his wife hawwa.who is first Massanger of god.every one know ADEM is Muslim …..and ISA a.s. is also Massanger of God …he is Muslim….

The question is ….
Did you choose ur religion or ur religion chooses u..
If you check history well, Adam and Eve never have their own religion but they obey and hear God’s word. At that time, obedience is worship to God.
Cus they were cast away because of disobedience.
Everyone knows that Adam and Eve is the first on Earth and not in heaven. Therefore, as history goes on, each religion gives names to their prophet according to their intonations and language for instance, Yoruba will say jesu Kristi while English will say Jesus Christ…
Let not come here and create religion crisis, we are all one. No one can every worship God, only him can worship himself.
We don’t choose our religions, our religion chooses us as destined by God

I was only searching for a muslim Christian name for my soon to be born girl inshallah from a Christian wife … guys ur comments and arguments took my mind away from the purpose of my visit to this site…..

Some of y’all are racist as fuck. It’s actually disgusting living in a world where people have the audacity to speak on things they don’t understand. People like you need to shut up and crawl back in the hole you came out of.
Especially you Kailey Austin you stupid broad. You need to get your facts straight before you type away you racist bitch.

Why Do Everyone Is Thinking I’m Christian,I’m Muslim, I’m Jewish ,Guys We All Believe In One God It Is Blessing From Our God, And It Is Enough For Us We Are All United. Thank You.

“In the beginning God created…” God is one. Since God is one, there is only one true faith. There were prophecies from the Patriarchal Dispensation and the Mosaic Dispensation that spoke about the Messiah. The Jews that believed in the prophecies seen the prophecy being fulfilled of the Messiah. As far as names, some may call him Jesus the Christ or Yeshua or whatever name that your language may call him. What is different about Christianty (followers if Christ) is the birth of Jesus was like no other. He was born of the Holy Spirit and a virgin woman. Also, he lived a sinless life and gave his life so that us sinners can be reconciled to our Creator. Also after giving himself up to the most painful form of execution came back to life so that “death can not hold him”. Also his teachings was like no other. He taught that we should love our enemies. He taught the the greatest command is to love the Lord your God and to love your neighbor as yourself.

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