Penanglicious Mind Blowing Things To Eat

If you ever come to Malaysia, the island of Penang is a place you MUST not miss. Why? Cause God’s chefs are born here.

I have been living in this side of the world for almost all my life. I’ve traveled elsewhere before but nothing beats Penang food. Why? cause it’s superlicious. super super super super delicious. I have organized about 50 different places into 3 different regions to ease your journey. For example, if it’s lunch time and you’re in that region, check out the places nearby that region.

There are hundreds more that I have yet to include here but I will add more as time goes by..

Without further delay I present to you…. the legends…



Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

This place serves the best Mee Goreng around the area. When ordering say, ‘tambah cucur, tambah sotong’. Those 2 are the most powerful stuff in a plate of mee goreng. The coffee shop is small so places are limited.


Pulau Tikus Market Lok Lok

This lok lok has a lot of type to choose from. Nowadays, he works with his son. Try to come early, before 7pm to get a place to sit. Or else, you’ll have to line up and wait for people to finish eating and get off their seats first. Wait till you’ve finished eating and pass the tail-coloured sticks to him. He has maths is fast like lightning.

Gurney Drive Hawker Center McTucky

This place to me is considered commercialised. The only thing worth eating is McTucky’s fried chicken skin. I tell you… this delicacy is instant death. It’s very nice but very unhealthy. Nothing but fat. But it’s good. Once a year is ok.

Gurney Drive French Creppe

There is only one lady doing the creppes. Orders are slow when there are lots of customers. They have an open air area for smokers and an air conditioned area for non smokers. Check out the dessert part. Any creppe with ice cream is guaranteed to make you go crazy.



Chowrasta Market Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng

It’s located in Soon Yuen’s coffee shop. The man and his lady has been doing it for years already. When you order it, just say ‘keh liau’. Also, order a plate of duck meat feet to share. This addition is a must.

Chowrasta Market Kuih Tayap

This small stall has been there for a long long time already. When I was young, an old lady and her husband manned the stall. Since last year, the daughter appeared to help her mom. I’m not sure where the old man is now. But be sure to try this. It looks like a spring roll but it’s actually a white soft layer made of flour stuffed with coconut shreddings, nuts and sugar. The taste is tayaplicious. My mouth is already watering.

Carnarvon Street Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng

This shop is handled by two brothers. Again, when you order, say ‘keh liau’. Also order a plate of duck meat to come with it. This is for sharing and it is a must. Each spoonful put into your mouth is koayteowlicious. You will know what it means when you try it. =)

Anson Road Dim Sum

In the mornings, the entire coffeshop is used to serve only dim sum. All other stalls are closed and only dim sum is sold. Although there are hundreds of tables inside, you will still face trouble finding a seat on Sunday mornings. My love is the egg tart. Why? Cause the sides of the tart is so soft and delicate and it tastes soooooooooooo good. I eat half a dozen each time I go there.

Transfer Road Roti Canai

~fuh. This place serves the softest beef that you will ever find in the whole country. Damn, 1 beef is never enough. The roti canai is normal but you should take it together. Beware for this is food for strong stomachs. Weak stomachs will have problems. Weak stomachs will need time to get used to the curry.


Penang Road Laksa

This laksa is goooooooooooooood. Why? Cause there are lots of fish meat in the soup. Even the soup alone is enough to kill. I will usually drink it all up when I go.

Penang Road Char Koay Teow

The char koay teow here is nice but the husband who takes orders will get confused when the order list exceeds 10 plates. You may order koay teow with mee and without prawns, you might get mee alone without chilli. Other than that, it’s good. The best is to share the koay teow and laksa.

Penang Road Chendul

There is no other place in this world that serves the same chendul as this stall. A spoonful of red beans and green jelly with the sweet coconut milk will blow your mind forever. There are 2 stalls opposite each other. Go for the one that is beside the laksa stall in the coffee shop.

Transfer Road Teow Chew Moey

This place serves the best teow chew moey that I have ever tasted in my life. My favourites are the tauge, chai por eggs, cauliflower/long beans, intestines, stomach lining and sam chan. ~fuh… i tell you… the taste is a 100 combo hits.

Abu Siti Lane Coconut Water

Here, you will find thousands of coconuts on display outside the shop. There are a few types but ask for the cold pandan coconut. This coconut will magically bring you to the beach. Close your eyes and take your first sip. Immediately, your brain will bring you to Hawaii. cocolicious…………

Chulia Street Gu Bak Koay Teow

It is located exactly opposite the firestation at the corner of the traffic lights. This place is the mother of all Gu Bak Koay Teow. It’s so so so so so so nice. You MUST add yourself half a spoon of soy sauce and half a spoon of pepper. At your first mouthful, you’ll start singing, “Sweet dreams are made of these… who am I to disagree…”

Swatow Lane Ice Kacang / Tee Nya Kuih

Nobody in this planet serves ice kacang like they do. Usually, the stalls are situated by the drain. Recently, they have moved into a eating complex specially built for them. It’s very airy, new and big. You will not miss the stall. It is smack right in the center of the eating complex. If you order ice kacang, add some fruits into it. Then the mouth watering succulent taste will drown you.

Malay Street Wan Than Mee

Here is a hidden Wan Than Mee stall that you will never find. I’m very sure no one knows about this place, unless you live around the area. You will know that it is Malay Street when you see MCA at the corner. Turn in and drive until you see Kedai Motor Choon. It is just opposite. Usually Wan Than Mee will come with sambal in the spoon. You MUST ask the auntie for another spoon of sambal. Why? cause the sambal is the KILLER. Business starts only from 1pm.


Lebuh Presgrave Hokkien Mee

I eat my hokkienlicious hokkien mee with ‘hoon chiang’ and ‘char siew’. Beware, cause eating this will turn you into a ‘Hokkien Lang’. It’s so good, you’ll start talking ‘hokkien wah’.

Lorong Selamat Fried Oyster

Found at the corner of Lorong Selamat. This stall is manned by an old lady, helped by an indian lady. The fried oyster MUST, I repeat, MUST be taken with the sambal. Why? cause the sambal is the KILLER. It will blow your mind! They know, so they’ll usually give you 3-4 babyplates of sambal. If you NEED more, just ask and it will be given. Believe me, this is the BEST of the BEST fried oyster in the world.

Chowrasta Market Nasi Kandar

I also believe that not many people know about this place. There is no signboard so I don’t know the name. All I can tell you is that there is a fat guy with a terrorist goatee who scoops the dishes for you. The tables and chairs at the sides are blue in colour. That is all the description I can tell you. The curry is so nice, you will drink it.

McCalister Road Bah Kut Teh (Pusat Minuman dan Makanan Thong Lek, beside Hotel Grand Paradise)

Remember, it’s the one at the corner. The Bah Kut Teh comes in a HUGE serving. If you order for 2 persons, it will come with a 4 persons sized serving. On weekends, you’ll have to wait for about 15 minutes before you get served. There is nowhere else in Penang Island that can fight with this one. The soup is so nice, you will dry the claypot.

Kimberly Street Chicken Feet / Intestines

I am into chicken feet and intestines. If you are too, eat this. The chicken feet is the best. I suspect that drugs were put into the pot when cooking. Seriously, just chicken feet.

Kimberly Street Koay Chiap

This stall is located directly opposite the stall selling chicken feet / intestines. When I order, I usually ask for less ‘koay’ and ‘keh liau’. The taste will then be richer. You will enjoy the feeling when you see that there is so much ‘liau’. It’s recommended to eat this together with the chicken feet / intestines. Double power, double happiness.



Greenlane Esso Curry Mee

Universally the BEST. Park your car in the petrol station. Parking space is limited so watch out for one. When ordering, I usually add another spoonful of sambal. And when you order, say ‘keh liau’. Regardless big or small bowl, always say ‘keh liau’. You will like it more. On weekends, things might get messy. She might not remember your order, so remind her if it takes more than 10 minutes.

Island Glades Wan Than Mee

Because I live 10 seconds away, I have tasted everything there is to taste in Island Glades. The Wan Than Mee found here is delicious. The best part is the noodles. The texture is springy yet soft.

Jelutong Market Koay Chiap

I’ve been eating this since I was a kid. The taste has always been the same. Order a bowl and remember to say ‘keh liau’. When you go back to youe daily life, I guarantee you will daydream about the flavour. Guarantee.


Island Glades Soya Bean

This soya bean stall serves both soya drink and soya milk tofu. You have to choose between brown or white sugar. What i usually order is soya drink mixed with soya milk tofu in brown sugar. ~fuiyoh…. soyalicious man… and recently, I noticed them selling potato chips at the front of their stall. Each packet is RM3. Believe me, it’s addictive. Forget Mr Potato and Pringles. Fatten up with this instead.

Island Glades Chee Cheong Fan

Thank God he chose to have heaven’s Chee Cheong Fan a minute away from my house. This chee cheong fan is really the best you will ever touch. The ‘fan’, white colour substance, is absolutely soft and juicy. Usually when I take it, I take it fast. After the first bite, I will attack the chee cheong fan mercilessly.

Island Glades Laksa

Here’s another good laksa stall. I remember my Dad, who has this love for laksa, eating this goody everytime we’re here. If you order anything rice related, try the laksa soup with rice. They go along very well like the moon go along with the stars.

Batu Lanchang Market Chicken Rice

Now here’s a chicken rice stall you must not miss. Why? Cause it’s chickenlicious. It makes me go loco, so will you. I like the ‘kiam chai’ soup. It’s sour but kiamchailicious. This is one of the few kiamchailicious soup that is found on the island. The place is very pack during lunch time, around 12.30 to 1.30pm.

Penang Free School Road Ham Chim Peng

Ham Chim Pengggggggg. ~fuiyioh… oily + fattening + *yum* *yum*. I used to study in PFS. My grandma will sometimes buy a few varieties when she comes pick me up from school. Only then did I learn about the sexiness of PFS ham chim peng. Luckily, I managed to control myself and ate it only when I stay back in school.

Gelugor Minah

My grandfather loved the food here. There’s just something about the style of cooking that is earth shattering. My favourite is the chilli sotong. ~fuhh.. Instant death. You’ll be considered lucky if you can get some of it by 1pm. I usually go at 12pm so that everything is still fresh and plenty. I would like to also suggest the beef rendang, bendi + sambal (red hot delicious).


Taman Lip Sin/Supertanker Aki Pancake

There is no one else in Penang that serves this kind of ‘pancake’. In Hokkien it’s pronounced as ‘bun chand koay’. There was a period of time where I was so addicted to it, I ate nothing but Aki Pancake for dinner for a week. Crazy huh? My favourite is Coconut, Chocolate and Tuna. You MUST try this if you have not. You MUST. Then only will you know the meaning of ‘going crazy’ means. I have included the menu, just click here.

Gelugor Sinar Malam

This stall is hidden at the slopes. You will never find it, unless you’re local. It is situated in front of Jaya Catering and my Indian Barber Shop. Guess how much is a haircut? RM5! Kids = RM3! Amazing isn’t it? Back to Sinar Malam. Usually I’ll come with 1 or 2 of my friends and we will order white rice and a few dishes to share, rather than individual. You MUST eat the Padprik Ayam, Kangkung Belacan, Cendawan Belacan, Tom Yam Campur, Daging Merah and lots of SAMBAL. My tastebuds get aroused by them. You will too.

Terengganu Road Nasi Melayu

I love this place. It is a small shed situated right in front of a mosque. I found out about this place a long time ago but didn’t try any of the dishes. I used to pass by the place and see sooooooooooooo many people lining up to get their food. It made me wonder till I decided to try it out on my own. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The dishes are good! My favorites are the sotong chilli, ayam kicap, bendi + sambal (red red hot delicious).

Terengganu Road Wan Than Mee

Watch out for a fat guy preparing the mee, if he is not fat you are not at the right stall. It is located directly opposite the Terengganu Road Nasi Melayu. You are advised to add another spoon of sambal to your plate for a better experience.

Bayan Lepas Sany Char Koay Teow

This Sany food chain of Char Koay Teow is from Butteroworth. You can find other Sany’s all around Penang but this one is where I first found it. The place is a corner house located opposite HSBC around Sunshine Square. They serve only koay teow. The difference between this style of Koay Teow is that it is wet. I myself was surprised when I found out about wet Char Koay Teow. Sany serves 4-5 prawns with the koay teow. You will find yourself busy peeling the prawns but you will definitely lurve the taste. The niceness of the taste will make you go crazy.

Island Glades Char Koay Teow

This koay teow stall is manned by an old couple. Check out if the husband has a moustache, if he doesn’t you’re at the wrong stall. When I order, it’s koay teow mee + eggs + chilli.

Island Glades Fish Head Bee Hoon

To eat it, you have to wait at least 1/2 an hour. Why? Cause it’s nice and everyone orders it and there is only a pair of hands cooking, one at a time. Also manned by husband and wife. The wife wears glasses, if she doesn’t you’re at the wrong stall. When I order, it’s maggi mee + sotong. Throw the chilli and soy sauce that is provided into the bowl and stir. The mind exploding sensation is better.

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