25 Things To Do Before And During Trips, Holidays, Vacations

I like to go on trips to new places. I think most people do. I enjoy camping trips, snorkeling in clear as crystal waters, trying out new food and learning about different cultures. Anyways, here are several things that we ought to do before going on vacations like :

  1. Make sure the dishes are washed
  2. Shaving
  3. Get someone proper to temporarily care for your child (if it is left behind) or pet.
  4. Confirm airline tickets
  5. Get airmiles in advance
  6. If you haven’t, call the airline and ask for good seats and kids meals
  7. Memorize PIN codes to all credit cards
  8. Call your credit card company and notify them about your trip overseas in order to prevent possible freezing.
  9. Check out the hospitals that are covered by your health insurance
  10. Get travel insurance
  11. Change money
  12. Install or recharge batteries
  13. Get maps
  14. Check that the passport and visas are in order
  15. Get photocopies of passport and other important documents
  16. Get a vaccination certificate if you have to
  17. Carry the insurance certificate (Health Insurance card)or get an official paper from your local social insurance office
  18. Bring along your driver’s license, ID card, address list (with phone numbers and email addresses)
  19. Also the International Student Identification Card (ISIC) if you have one
  20. Dive certificate (if you’re going on a diving trip)
  21. On the day itself, double check the wallet, airline tickets, boat tickets, bus tickets
  22. Bring both small and large scale map if you have to
  23. Guidebook
  24. Bring along a serviette or matchbox of your hotel, in case you get lost
  25. Check your embassy’s contact

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