Awesome Australian Slang

I was surfing the net as usual and I came across a site which had an awesome collection of Australian slang. If you’ve watched the late Steve Irwin’s documentary, crocodile hunter, you should more or less know what I’m saying. For Australians, it may be common, but for a foreigner, it’s hilarious!

Australian Explorer divided the collection into 7 different categories. Mainly

  • Animals
  • Behaviour
  • Events
  • Objects
  • People
  • Phrases
  • Places

Here are a few sentences I’ve made up consisting of Australian slang.

A bogan and a bloke were in the blue when they suddenly heard a ruckus. They walked closer and saw jackaroo and jillaroo flat out having a naughty. Then, a milko and a larrikin came and they raged on.

Got it mate? =)

Australian Explorer
The collection of Australian slang

One reply on “Awesome Australian Slang”

A bogan and a bloke were in the blue?

what the flamen hell is a blue? There either in a blue or there in the bush.

And a bogan can be a bloke or a sheila, so what your saying is there is two gay blokes that caught two station hands shaggen, then the milkmen and another bloke walked along and started a fight?

Crikey mate sounds like the city not the bush and i reckon you need to get back to aussie school or something coz you crap at it

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