🚽186 Funny Bathroom Signs From Around The World

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These are all the fascinating, creative bathroom signs found from restrooms all over the world from east to west. Have fun!

  1. Lausanne, Switzerland
  2. Stormcloud Brewing Co Frankfort, Michigan
  3. Whatever Gender Goes, Unkown
  4. Unicorn Unicycle, Unknown
  5. FH Augsburg
  6. Pamukkale, Turkey
  7. The Dark Horse, Boulder, Colorado
  8. Cafe Tabac Brasserie “Le Jeanne d’Arc”, rue Jeanne d’Arc, Paris
  9. Frog Pubs, Paris
  10. Disney Sea
  11. Alien, Unknown
  12. Somewhere in Nigeria
  13. Apple HQ
  14. Cheeky Male, Unknown
  15. Shinjuku bld
  16. KLCC Malaysia
  17. Pinball Wizard Arcade, Pelham, New Hampshire
  18. Somewhere in New Zealand
  19. Somewhere in Australia
  20. Unknown
  21. Salmon Hatchery, Vancouver
  22. Brouwersdam, Netherlands
  23. Toilet Smurfette & Smurf
  24. Aum Thong Thai Restaurant, Hove, UK
  25. Sheffield Park Cafe, UK
  26. Red Roaster Brighton,UK
  27. Nou Nou North African Restaurant, Brighton
  28. Bla Bla, Unknown
  29. Unisex at Cliff House, San Francisco, California
  30. Somewhere in Barcelona, Spain
  31. Batman, Wonder Woman, R2D2, Unknown
  32. Buildings, Unknown
  33. Kloschild, Frauen, Cafe in Prague
  34. Luna Park, Sydney
  35. Cat and Chicken, Unknown
  36. Home Slice Pizza, Austin
  37. Somewhere in Atlanta Georgia
  38. Magasin Apache, Paris
  39. Honolulu Airport
  40. Somewhere in Seoul, Korea
  41. Universite Paris 8 Saint-Denis, France
  42. Somewhere in Bremen
  43. Seoul Garden Restaurant, NYC
  44. Somewhere in UK
  45. Somewhere in Nantes, France
  46. HonFest 2006, Baltimore MD
  47. Somewhere in Callan, Ireland
  48. Beer House Somewhere In Bulgaria
  49. Eggspectation in Montreal, Canada
  50. Luostarinmaki Handicrafts Museum, Turku, Finland
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69 thoughts on “🚽186 Funny Bathroom Signs From Around The World”

  1. Schirn art museum in Frankfurt – has similar signs to the 9:30 Club in Washington DC.

    The Ladies is a barbie version of Ariel (little mermaid) and the Mens sign is a barbie Prince (fairytale kind)

    the boxes they are in are standing up though

  2. A church in Mississauga has washroom signs in plain lettering. “Women” and the other “Gentlemen.”

    I guess Men and Ladies were not allowed. :-)

  3. There was this one restaurant I went to in State College, PA. On the women’s restoom door there was a picture of the Arch de Triumph. On the men’s was the Eifel Tower.

    Took me a second to figure that one out.

  4. Wow…those are great…i’m confused about the pizza one though. Maybe it’s just too late and my mind is completely gone. Great collection though!

  5. In bratislava, I missed the right place because of female/male signs. I could only remember it was a fashion night cafe : a line and a round. I missed and i wonder why yet.

  6. i should get pictures of the toilett seats in a bondage club i whent to in ottawa (it’s not what you think, it was being rented out for a rave).

    p.s., i got post 59

  7. Hello I see this before..at blogspot – damncoolpics.blogspot post in Thursday, August 02, 2007 and your blog early than that..So who take who ?

    Happy blogging ya.

  8. There’s a bar in Rochester, NY, USA called LUX that has a picture of a banana on the door for guys, and a picture of a peach on the door for girls.

  9. Years ago there was a farm-supply store in Wisconsin where the restrooms were marked “John Deere” and “Allis Chalmers”.

  10. The Gallery Restaurant in Steamboat Springs, CO used to have paintings (reproductions) of Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy” and “Pink Lady”. Sorry – have no picture. Was the greatest restauraunt back when.

  11. We’ll post links to sites that have Wednesday (plus or minus a few days) submissions of their chosen animal artwork. “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”—Bertolt Brecht

  12. These are awesome. I got a real laugh outta these signs!!!!! I’ll be looking out for some to post on here for sure!!!!

  13. #52 is in Casablanca in Harvard Square (favorite date restaurant for me and my wife). BTW, it’s in Cambridge, not Boston (right across the river).

  14. Wicked Post, thanks for sharing. I have seen some quality ones on my travels and have seen a couple of these but this is a great collection :)

  15. I would say that my favorite is the signs at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, CA. I love the classic style and elegance of them, very nice. Its amazing how creative people can get with a toilet sign.

  16. Loved your collection. I would like to email you pics of the Executive Surf Club bathroom signs in Corpus Christi, Texas, to add to your collection.

  17. Also, Home Slice Pizza pic is the female door. The male sign is the missing slice. :) Makes much more sense when you see them side by side. You should add the male sign with it. (Can be found on the Internet.)

  18. Cecilia Hanna Says:
    “Also, Home Slice Pizza pic is the female door. The male sign is the missing slice. :)”

    Oh, I actually thought it suggested that the pizza slice is male and the pizza with a fitting hole is female, if you know what I mean. :P And I thought it was maybe the funniest and most “dirty” of the signs.

  19. #32 is great. Are these for sale? I would like to know the cost of this male/female pair of sign for our new office.
    Thank you.

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