The REAL Costa Rica


Here's a guy from Chicago, USA who lives in San José, Costa Rica with his wife and pets who has spent 3 years developing the perfect website for Costa Rica. Tim, the author, looks forward to be a source of correct accurate information about Costa Rica. He's done some traveling around and heard lots of nonsensical stuff about Costa Rica like

  • "Don't drink the water in Costa Rica.",
  • "You need to take typhoid shots to avoid getting sick.", 
  • "Malaria is rampant!"
  • "Stay off the streets, the crime is awful!",
  • "Costa Rican food sucks!",

Because of that, he's written articles, statistics, photographs, movie clips, tables, charts and 100% accurate information about Costa Rica. So if you ever plan to

  • visit Costa Rica
  • live in Costa Rica
  • move to Costa Rica
  • do business in Costa Rica

Tim's site is the site to be.  If you wanna learn more about Costa Rican'

  • internet, media, communications
  • hospitals, health insurance, emergency services
  • education, schools, universities, Spanish
  • legal system, the constitution, politics

Tim's site is the site to be. Check it out!

The Real Costa Rica
The link to the great Costa Rica site! 

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